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All-star funny superman is missing the lakers lost future warcraft very unhappy

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:51am
This season, Howard is averaging 16.3 points, 11.8 rebounds, score is the recent seven seasons minimum, and rebounding is rookie season after the minimum. Scoring and his shots also have relations, this season with the lakers played and games, averaging only 10.2 times out, rookie season, only after the 2009-10 season, Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012 Howard shots of the same, other season is more than 10.2 times, and in the 2009-10 season, his shooting is career so far the highest 61.2%, and this season, he is shooting only 57.8%.Data proved that Howard indeed bottomed. He is still difficult to blend in the lakers and kobe [micro bo] cooperation also did not see the tacit understanding, and has always been the Nash accommodating [micro bo], also on the pitch and he lose his temper, but this is not the only reason. Howard's injury, to what he has how old influence, it is still a mystery. After all, his data, especially the shooting and free throw percentage decline, from the start of the season, in the magic period, Howard even considered cheating, but in fact, YaoShang indeed drag his hind leg, with the lakers, he is not fit to play. Warcraft don't want to back any blame, in the face of reporters his trial, he said firmly: "this is not my problem." He always think he is the best center in the league, and he also believe Cheap Kobe VI that the lakers results are better. He said: "we are still in the struggle, we will get better."[micro bo] NBA all-star weekend, have always been together for fun event in previous years, the most enjoy all these Dwight Howard also announced early "in Houston for a few days I'll think of some way to happy some". But in fact, he can't happy, round table during the interview was asked a lot about a problem later, his mood worse, and finally admitted: now he is not happy. Two consecutive years around Howard around the mess, let him even amuse oneself interest all have no, and all the days of the all-star break, doomed to less fun. All-star weekend more unhappy you might as well Cheap Kobe 6 quick recall: now, you are the all star weekend in the broadcast seen several Howard? And sharks violent wind dance; Superman birth without notice; Slam Dunk contest PK nate Robinson; All star stage wulin congress; In the commercial midnight phone dallying Ross and Chauncey billups... Imagine that year, Howard all-star experience, like those years apple's new product series: every year, a new game, every time all let many people there. And in 2013, the all star, the theme of the Howard turned out to be "avoidance". All star weekend time from the United States began on Friday, stade which activities, but stars must, in addition to attend (or fines) "round table interview" link, we haven't been able to that once the ubiquity of Howard, not to mention his trademark smiling face. All-star weekend Friday and Saturday's game, there is no the lakers [micro bo] players play, Howard rarely holes - but that shouldn't be Howard "avoidance" reason: the same no game and cheer task kobe [micro bo], but Kobe 6 All Star with the family high-profile the mirror, play and enjoy each game link.Similar scenes, in fact, last year's Orlando all-star weekend have happened: after the game, Howard a person in amway center around the stadium in the dressing room, then go to the locker room go to the media outside, and then to the building near the export. Along the way, he is a full face no smile, see know a reporter, although active say "hello" or "hello" response, but not say a word. Skillful in Howard for the just like "farewell group" walk, kobe Bryant with assistant and bodyguards angrily go outside -- the game be wade [micro bo] accidentally wounded nasal bone of kobe Bryant, after the game did not accept an interview, not with anyone said, metal gray face to leave. Kobe Bryant left, many journalists also did not ask more, just behind their noses. Howard was standing by, look at kobe go far, when he realized that a lot of reporters that no "tracking" kobe Bryant, but in situ see his reaction, Howard quickly stare big eyes make a face
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