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air max 1 cheap singing in the breeze opened flowers, big flower big flower white camellia, a round of small sun-like marigold

Posted Dec 14 2012 5:38am
It  nike air max tn mens was a physical education students play together Diushou Juan, Eiko turn, she stood up, trying to get to, before haltingly said: "Teacher, I can not sing." Very young physical education teacher, She smiled and encourage Eiko: "how to go back to it? sing the first simple, ah," There is only a good mother, "how." Eiko blushing looked like a big apple, cheap air max 90 her little hands clutched tightly. Students laugh, the teacher was dreadfully puzzled, Eiko crying ran, this time, the British child of the same table high smile ran over teacher said quietly: "teacher, Liu Ying's father and mother had died." The young teacher looking for Eiko apologize, but do not know Eiko gone.Physical education, and high smiled to say a few words for the other students, Eiko never spoke, even Lee her standoffish.Thirty-eight that year, Li think An Weiying child, nike air max bw mens   let Eiko behalf of the class to participate in the school's "Motherhood Exhibition. Eiko heard some shocking, heart and some slight fluctuations, being Eiko do not know how to answer Li, Xu Xin stood up unconvinced: "The teacher, a mother's child, womens nike air max 90 so how to participate in the Exhibition of" a few a girl also followed chime in, "!" "Why." speechless Li had participated in the usually draw prominent Xu Xin.TwoEvery day, Eiko only one person to go to school, the way will go through an overgrown bushes woods. Now is the winter, the foliage of the woods off the light, bare branches, Depression helpless Eiko think back to the previous woods: woods grassGreen, tender green, accompanied by fresh air, air max 1 cheap singing in the breeze; opened flowers, big flower big flower white camellia, a round of small sun-like marigold, a string of pale Purple hyacinth, the Phalaenopsis Eiko passing always open wings
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