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Advent Calendar 5 December: dressing up

Posted Dec 05 2010 3:00am

                            Fox fur
We had a dressing up box,

...a rather cronky old thing with a musty smell. In it were all sorts of old 'gowns' of my mother's together with lengths of fabric, old scarves and shawls and tutus that we had had for ballet displays. I think my mother used to collect things from friends so we could dress up to do 'plays' or just dress up to be dressed up. There was also an old black silk top hat – the sort that could be pushed down flat and 'popped' up. That and a white net ball gown with green leaf sparkles were fought over often as they were the'prize' pieces.

I seem to remember a tippet of fox fur with a fox head that formed the clasp – although we were a bit scared of it we loved it! There was also a bright green silk bag which had one of those hinged opening which looked like lots of Xs joined together which expanded to open and contracted to close with a little silver cap on. That had a wrist strap. There were also some fans – one huge black ostrich feather one which was magic, another prize piece!

Our granny had given us an old powder puff and bowl, so dresssing up always involved a flurry of powder puffed all over the place once the outfits were on! 

Thanks to Felicity Van Loock, clothes fan, London

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