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Advent Calendar 19 December: Action man deep-sea diver

Posted Dec 19 2010 3:00am

I had an Action man deep sea diver. Hours of fun.

In a bath with more water than I usually had, or sometimes in the sink, he would go down to the depths on secret missions looking for treasure - coins or toy cars or other bits and pieces. Well actually, although his boots were weighted, he often needed pushing down a bit by hand, so there was quite a lot of vague floating around. Blowing into the black tube made bubbles come out of his helmet so it was obviously real.

He would encounter debris like flannels or sponges on his explorations of the deep and of course there was always a terrifying giant squid lurking somewhere behind one of them to fight with. These troubles and encounters meant that he would need to be brought up to the surface regularly.

Sometimes he would drown, so then emergency resuscitation was vital, which involved removing his helmet and pressing on his chest. 

Then there was all the cleaning up afterwards, with water everywhere, much to my Mum's consternation. This probably took longer than the game itself. And all his clothes had to be removed for drying out, neatly laid out along on the edge of the bath or on a window ledge, all ready for his next diving adventure...

Many thanks to Graham Clark creative thinker, scuba diver


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