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A Dangerous Love Affair With Shoes Christian Louboutin Platform Pumps

Posted Jan 15 2013 1:29am
If you are a woman and don't know your Jimmy Choo from your Manola Blahnik, you are very much in the minority. Having a few pairs of these in your closet has become a must for todays go getting females, and are what the wannabes aspire to have. These shoes have become status symbols, if you watch any program where there is a red carpet, the shoes are mentioned as much as the dresses. But how many are aware of the dangers of wearing these fashion accessories? Shoes, in various forms, have been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans fashioned leather into sandals to protect the soles of their feet from the rough terrain. This evolved over the years, and although our ancient ancestors would regard todays shoes as alien objects, the Gladiator sandal craze of recent years shows that we still look backwards for inspiration. Flip flops have been firm summer favorites for decades, yet a wooden variation was worn centuries ago in Japan by Geisha girls. Wedges from the 70's were a modern take on the wooden shoes worn by actors in Roman times. Look at almost any style of shoe and you will be able to pick out something from bygone days. The biggest change in footwear was the addition of a heel Christian Louboutin Wedges. Once again these are nothing new. Back in the 1500's. Heels were added to mens riding boots to help keep the feet in the stirrups. Over the years these have got higher and higher, as women wanted to make themselves look taller and their legs more shapely. Many, however, have paid a very high price for this vanity through various problems with their legs and lower back. The wearing of very high heels should be kept to a minimum, special occasions for example. Constant wearing can result in feet deformities, shortened Achilles tendons and constant pain in the lumber regions. Yet many still see these as essential items, despite the knowledge of the possible problems they will face in the future. Shoe with pointed toes have been coming and going in fashion for decades. These present their own problems, with many elderly women now suffering with deformed toes and bunions. Add a heel into the mix and it's a future recipe for disaster. The main thing to look for in any style of shoe is good construction of the area which houses the toes Christian Louboutin Pointed-Toe. If they nip or pinch, leave them. There should be no constriction at all to the toes and they should move freely. The back of the shoe should also cushion the heel. Excessive use of ill fitting footwear can lead to many painful complaints. One of the most painful, and most common,is Plantar Fasciitis. This is where the long ligament which runs the length if the bottom of the foot becomes torn or inflamed. It gets its name as the damage almost always occurs near the Fascia, the heel bone. As opposed to many other ailments, all these can easily be avoided by ensuring that anything you put your foot into is well fitting and comfortable. Varying your footwear between heeled and flats can prevent future problems. A good pair of shoes can make us feel great, just make sure that your fashion must have isn't going to cause you pain and suffering in years to come Christian Louboutin Long Boots. .
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