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14 shots and iron! 29 minutes only 1 assists Jennings Bryant was fully blocked

Posted Jan 17 2013 3:31am
The bucks away against the lakers today, the former array central health brandon - Jennings continue to start the game, the play he 29 minutes 23 seconds, and shot only 4, the three-pointer 7 shots had 12 points and 1 assists, and the third day he scored 10 points, but on the whole he just played a good day. The bucks to eventually lost 88-104. The third section 10 points 51 seconds, Jennings in front three points line HuDing this point position holding, in the face of Bryant's defense, he Nike Shox Hyperdunk suddenly choose minimum shooting, the move beyond his expectation. But then he immediately followed dive, but too late, the ball into the whistle, foul Bryant, Jennings and penalty also, 3 + 1. This is him today a few wonderful goals, this sentence is not the key words of "wonderful", but "a few". The past week, Jennings is ray of light, this week the bucks 3-1 as he averaged off 24.5 points, 4.0 rebounds and 6.5 assists, 48% shooting. Among them with the bulls in the third quarter of the first world war, he got twenty points, fire is very strong. Also because of this, Jennings were last week to the east the best player. However the tall trees catch much wind, Jennings so awesome, making the pre-match Bryant out words, in the game - to him. The bucks is absolutely not a good news, because this team in the very great degree in the back to rely on two players attack power, including Jennings this point in the shooting is a direct impact on the bucks record. This season, when Jennings shooting more than 36%, the bucks is 16-6 negative, and is a Nike Shox Qualify 3-11 negative, contrast is very obvious. But unfortunately, Jennings Bryant being under, the first half was downturn, 5 shot only 1, only 2 points and 1 assists. Compared to this season, he averaged 16.5 times of hand, as well as the bucks in the backcourt handsome 16.3 shots in the first half, Jennings this didn't play out of his strength. In addition also need to mention is that Jennings Bryant previous career and the duo four times, he averaged 16.0 points, 17.0 times out, the percentage is 38.2%. In the second half, Jennings finally intent on up the first ball he will meet Bryant threw a record 3-pointers, rare is that he will not only the ball hit, but also caused a foul in the penalty, and also. From the start the ball, he is in less than two minutes into three times successively attack, scored eight points. Only this day, Jennings one person had 10 points and 6 for 3, a sweep in the first half of the Nike Shox NZ Mens nature of the haze. In midfield after after the break, the bucks made a adjustment, the third quarter continuous arrangement ballmer's singles Nash, and when the lakers' offense, no too many people - to his shot, but that this strategy works, Nash in one-on-one defense is very lonely, and his two open three points also can't hit, this section Nash exposed in the first half and different state. Incidentally, this section only send out 1 assists. But his teammates enough to force, especially in the fourth quarter, h1 continuous shooting until Nash back on the pitch again, the lakers have a double-digit lead. This kind of situation and a similar, the lakers this two games for Nash dependence than turned out to be little some, the last day the lakers on the pitch there have been six assists, and Nash accounts for only of the one. But the lakers or the reason have won the game. The Los Angeles lakers will staples, against the Milwaukee bucks, finally the lakers to a 104-88 victory over the bucks, The whole game, play CiShiPing 33 minutes, just Nike Shox NZ Womens 5 of 10, cut down 12 points and 6 rebounds, three assists and 2 blocks, he present situation, the lakers net win 27 points, positive and negative value (+ 27) the highest ranked team. A dozen knight, the lakers bounce back, win over the mavericks, the end of the 6 straight. In this game, CiShiPing although feel is not good, especially the four 3-pointers shots, but still send out eight points 4 steals, but also offer a written very wonderful goals, make staples into boiling. At that time CiShiPing steals success, holding on the fast break, dunk, so that the ball is not directly be buckled into, in the basket played to get up, but the final ball darling still fall into the back of the net twice, also caused the Irwin's foul, and CiShiPing have played in three extension will.
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