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10 Useful tips to prevent fires starting in the kitchen

Posted Dec 13 2012 12:54pm

No matter if you are a born chef, a simple housekeeper or a newbie in the cooking art, kitchen fires can always start when using inappropriate equipments. However, you might think that with all the technology surrounding our daily lifestyles, fire protection would be more efficient. Unfortunately, statistics are not pleasant for the subject; in 2011 there were approximately 1.4 million fires reported in the United States alone, causing the death of 3.000 people and injuring other 17.500 people. This means that one house was reported as being on fire every 85 seconds, leaving aside all the fires that were caused by natural hazards. Another alarming statistic claims that although more than 43% of the total American houses are equipped with smoke and fire detectors, their mere majority are not functioning.


Fire protectionis extremely important, especially in a house that is full of inflammable materials and objects. Moreover, unsupervised smoking and cooking are the main reasons domestic fires start in the first place. In order to prevent such unhappy events from happening, here are some useful tips to follow while cooking:


1.      Always supervise your cooking. The leading cause of kitchen fires is unattended cooking, thus you should be really careful whenever you decide boiling, frying or simply cooking the aliments.

2.      Always use specialized cooking tools and gloves which are fireproof. Moreover, you should never leave cloths near to any fire source, including the oven or the gas cooker.

3.      Install smoking detectors and check them regularly. The golden rule of efficient and preventive smoke detectors is to always keep them plugged and charged. You should also revise them every two months and immediately replace the broken ones.

4.      Don’t smoke in the kitchen. If you are a smoker you should designate a smoking place outside more likely outside the house. Terraces, balconies or back yards are the best smoking territories as they are open spaces, often filled with concrete. However, if you must smoke indoors, make sure the windows are open to allow fresh air to come inside.

5.      Use a timer to remind you that you have something left cooking. This will not only prevent your dishes from overcooking themselves but can also prevent kitchen fires.

6.      Keep a functional fire extinguisher close to your cooking area. Regularly replace it even though you don’t use it and make sure you buy perfectly functional ones.

7.      Focus on one job at a time while cooking. If you must prepare more than one dish simultaneously you should better seek for help from another person. Dinners that often include boiling, frying or cooking more aliments in the same time are more likely to turn into regrettable cooking accidents.

8.      For your own fire protection keep a fire exit as close to your cooking area as possible.

9.      Should you start a fire, immediately get out of the room and call for help. Don’t try to turn the fire and the flames off by using water but only by using a specialized fire extinguisher.

10.  Don’t try buckle foods or cocktails unless you are a professional.


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