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Portsmouth, United Kingdom
My name is Manda and I have cochlear implant since Nov 2008. I will be writing about how cochlear implant have change the way I have cope with everyday life. I am also a photographer and provide subtitles service on DVD slideshow. Contact me if you like to know more about this service. This will... Full Bio
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Phone and Music with CI nearly 2years on

Well, its have been a while since I have written any post about my cochlear implant experience. This year, 2010, have been like a...

Hearing Aids Care

Sometimes we forget about other people who are still wearing hearing aids or they are just getting used to wearing hearing aids. It is...

New year New sound

After meeting a lady last night who were asking me all sort of questions about getting cochlear implant and what sort of sound she would hear. I...

New Manda

I have learned my mistakes and I willing to move on to a better life. I am sorting out few bits and bobs. If I have lost some friends along...

Last 4 months - nightmare with cochlear implant

I find myself annoyed of what had happened in the last four months and after I have thought about it further, I realised there isn;t much that I...

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