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ZOPO 3X 3GB 32GB powerful performance by longtian ZOPO Mobile Phone from the 2012 China's first naked eye 3D smartphone ZP200 to Alibaba in 2013 and released its first strategic cooperation Cooperation Ali flagship ZOPO C ... Read on »
Thanksgiving Service by maeflye On the night before Thanksgiving I'll be speaking at this service at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (4439 W 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55424) where my friend Deen works. ... Read on »
What If Mary Had Known? by maeflye I know, I know, it's not even close to Christmas yet. But if you want to pretend like it is a long ways off and you live in Minnesota, don't look out your window! It s ... Read on »
Thunderclap by maeflye Check out the Thunderclap Notice on my Side Bar. Pretty cool huh? Anybody heard of thunderclap? Read on »
Another Opportunity to Hear Me Speak.... by maeflye After not having many speaking opportunities for quite some time, all the sudden I have had a bunch of opportunities come up. If you are interested, I'm doing a special s ... Read on »
If you planned ahead.... :-) by maeflye I get to do standup again in February near Seattle. I absolutely love The Refresh Conference . If you've been reading my blog over the years you know that I ... Read on »
If you live anywhere near Sioux Falls.... by maeflye Recently I've accepted a few speaking engagements.... This one day conference will be in Sioux Falls on November 22nd. I will be the MC of the event and will also be ... Read on »
What would you like to see here? by maeflye To say that I am beyond busy is an extreme understatement. Never before have I had so many things that I want to do and what seems like such limited time in whic ... Read on »
Colorfly i898 8.9 inch tablet exposure by longtian Colorfly Tablets launched a series of Windows 8 tablet, the latest i series used in all angular design, more identifiability, the body of the aircraft grade alloy material ... Read on »
PIPO P1+ RK3288 tablet supports 3G module disassembly by longtian In order to adapt to the 3G and 4G networks can be upgraded in the future demand, PIPO optimized for P1 tablet, the upcoming 9.7-inch new machine P1+, the biggest highlight ... Read on »