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Zhang Chunjun and have already

Posted Mar 18 2013 8:53am
3 minutes and 1 seconds, when Lin Shuhao position under the basket, predict in advance to the Marcus-Morris routes of attack caused offensive foul, after the completion of outstanding defense, Lin Shuhao didn't waste the opportunity, launched quick attack into one heap as Londo did stop ball in one hand and Spot turn, assists a follow-up basket hits.
Houston Rockets arena against the Phoenix Suns, this is for the second time in four days of fighting. The rockets ' game at Phoenix's affection on defeated, first section of today's match, rockets 30-25-leading Suns. Lin Shuhao 5 minutes and 2 assists, Chandler-Parsons 2, James Harden 6 points, Donatas-motieyounasi 7 2 rebounds.
In addition to the above three teams, have very good Army Day by a group of Mesozoic players, like Han Shuo, Wang Lei, Zhang Bo, Xu Zhonghao, DELE nike free run australia black, can be trapped in the team cannot introduce foreign aid, poor results continued. In addition, the Mesozoic Ding jinhui and Zhang Dayu, Zhejiang, Zhang Chunjun and have already dropped from the Luo Zhi, an open high low trend; Shanghai Meng Lingyuan, CAI Liang, Wang Yong, Wang Ligang all functional player, gifts best Xu Yong because injuries can only be in the areas of television commentary and compete.
I don't know how much energy is left, but no matter how much, and I will contribute all of you, "challenged Pacers away before the game, Bryant said to his team-mates in the dressing room. He leaned on the seat, swollen ankles all the more conspicuous, by contrast, his voice was calm. Behind this seemingly solemn monologues, but Bryant firmly, eyes. Yes, since two days ago accidentally injured in the Eagles game, the soldier never showed the slightest look of being sick and repulsed. Instead, he only make a determined nike air max 90 cheap effort to combat: quarrel with the opponent, and injuries and death knock, and little hope of playing opportunities cross-Bo. Bryant did it all, is enough for his team-mates. Even if he eventually he only play 12 minutes, one without. However, the team has adequate power, won the ezhang.
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