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You've womens nike free 4.0 v2 seen the growth of flowers on a concrete

Posted Nov 27 2012 7:00am
I'd really like to know why this 16-year-old!Back the clock will also remember Susanna purple magic shine sadness Guanghua. The connection time weaving beam grief, despair, sadness, perhaps already in the life of a reincarnation huge and I do not know cease gear crushed. Become such Securidaca the general dust, withered in the wind and rain, and the years of overlap being. All human feelings, even a differential is not really. In the eternal life of the time, no one will see her in the upcoming drowned the earth to flower and bear fruit. You've womens nike free 4.0 v2 seen the growth of flowers on a concrete floor what you've seen growth in sewage fish it. I strapped on their last legs in the the thin cold earth. Watching the world of fireworks scattered on open and scattered. Has never tried too want to find a trace of warmth from those dust.

Some have been complaining about for some time. Complain own life. And then began to rejoice. If it were not alone, my, how aware of the things that so many others unknown. I've been saying that do not have an end, if we are to continue to say it, perhaps a little tedious. But those who, after all, is the fact that so many people are aware of. I'm still alone laborious but robust growth in the city. Growth pressure may to let herself saddled feel heavy, but not painful. Do not really hurt. Seems a long time before I began to feel the pain, whether it is physical pain or nike free 3.0 v3 sale heartache. Many years after I began to forget those who have latent howling sound of body pain. Forgotten, they used is based on what kind of posture lurking in my body and heart. And time step also refused to slow down, I looked blankly he went on the hearts of those pain as previously general grand, but I do not know who. Instead, suddenly remembered long after when it felt slightly sad.
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