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Yesterday I Saw Glimpses of Me

Posted Jan 07 2012 9:34am
After my morning responsibilities I headed to a meeting with families, made several phone calls, and heard good news. A lot of the situations at work that were "stuck" (and if you work in the Child Welfare System you know what I mean) got unstuck and I was able to deliver good news. I felt somewhat energetic and alive.

Headed home to pick up Sadie for "pie" -- one of the things we often do together, but got a call from school saying that Tony had gotten into a fight so I had to go into the school and have an unpleasant meeting with the Asst. Principal who is slowly becoming more than an acquaintance (as in we see each other too much for that, not as in potential lover material). Geez I should not have said that, but my filter is a little off and this is my blog and in it I don't represent anyone but myself so maybe just this once I'll cross a line and ... well, let's just say it's Saturday and most of you don't even read my blog on Saturdays so maybe nobody in cyber space will even see that I made an inappropriate comment. It may just sit here unread for centuries to come. I was going to say Millenia to come but I don't know how to spell it and I"m too lazy to google it).

So anyway, I digress. Had a meeting which wasn't horribly unpleasant even though Tony was attempting to make it so and we went out for pie. When I got home I had the wildest couple hours ever. Courtney and John came for dinner with Isaac -- they each have interviews next week for new jobs and Courtney has started college. I was texting Mike frantically about his financial aid and some paperwork I need to find for him so he can start school on Monday. Tony was arguing with me incessantly about going out when he is suspended and I wasn't about to be bullied, resulting in some unpleasant situations that I won't bother to blog about. Dominyk was obsessing about wanting money when he doesn't have any, and again I wasn't going to be badgered into complying. Sometimes we do that to shut him up and I see that that has not been a good thing. That doesn't mean that if we never gave in he would be able to shut up, but I feel better about myself when I stand ground. I was also having a lenghty text conversation with someone about one of our unbloggable situations.

Dinner was a crazy time -- everyone was here for the first time in I don't know how long (except Bart of course who is enjoying chilly but a bit warmer than here Florida). Everyone was kind of manic around here and the testosterone in the air was almost visible.

Fortunately after dinner several people had plans and cleared out but not before Mike, kari's husband, came over to work on a project to surprise Bart who also never reads my blog so this won't give it away. WHen he arrived John suggested maybe it was my booty call when Bart's out of town -- but if you saw Mike's new beard you would know THAT ain't true. ;-)

So... I dealt with all that stuff, plus put in several hours of work day and night, got a ton or projects finished and slept really well.

I have been feeling so crappy the last few months that I've been dragging my butt around her like a 300 pound 90 year old, which I've never seen, but trust me, that is what I was like. So it's nice to have myself back, even if it were just for a day.

Who knows, maybe I'm making a come back!!!
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