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Wu Jingui: first game baltimore ravens jerseys cheap

Posted Nov 17 2012 6:12am

This season, the medium baltimore ravens jerseys cheap -term, lifan when punching super bright, March coincides with the Yin Mingshan lifan announced high profile occasion of the real estate industry. At that time, the lifan apart from the earliest development of the Maple Shade House project, also built in liangjiang new area of Chongqing crazy projects, veteran such as its momentum at one point more than in the Chongqing longhu real estate enterprises. People have speculated, Yin Mingshan need football to finance their real estate projects themselves, lifan maybe want a super team.


Oriental sports: first   Washington Redskins Jerseys cheap show in the arena, will have more pressure, particularly in terms of strength, this opponent very well against Tianjin Teda.

Wu Jingui: first game, so that results can be achieved without all-round support of the Club. Teams in the League after the interval has not played official game for a while, than your opponent does not prevail in this regard, prior to this game, US pressure is not small, many times more attention, carry the pressure will be greater. This Club to the team in a timely manner all decompression, did not make any hard targets on this game. Coaching team for the game as a whole have made specific preparations. Of course, the play is the protagonist of this group of players won victory, critical moment, they proved themselves has passed the test.

Oriental sports: one obvious change is that less players appearances this season, won the opportunity to again in this game, with Yang Cheng (micro-blogging) and Peng fairly representative. Reveal your talent in this game idea?

"I can beat Judd is just because  dallas cowboy jerseys for sale I was lucky, I had to 2:7 behind, I thought I had a chance to win, I think Judd keep the situation under control. But I have not lost confidence, I feel that if I committed to playing in the evening, I still have the possibility of victory. "While obtained champion, but Higgins in competition in the has appears had errors, but errors and no effect Higgins won of momentum," actually in competition in the appears errors is is normal of, and no on I caused effect, I originally thought I can to 10:8 beat Judd, but I no thought themselves of pressure so big, I eventually also is to 10:9 beat he has, competition is this looks, has many uncertainty. ”

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