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Writing is Hard Work

Posted Jun 29 2010 6:47am
For as long as I can remember, i wanted to be a writer. However, I am discovering, that in order to be a writer, you have to write.

The amount of self-discipline it takes to write is amazing. Much more than I ever dreamed. But this summer I am committing myself to writing 45 minutes a day, first thing in the morning. I find that hte first 10 minutes drag on. I am just so unmotivated. But then as I get moving, it gets better and I seem to get into it about the time I need to stop. However, I have other things to do. I am getting up 45 minutes earlier so the only thing I am sacrificing is sleep. I did go to the Y this morning and spent some time reflecting on Scripture and blogging and entry called " You're the Reason I'm suffering " If you're an adoptive parent who shares my faith this might be worth reading.

And now I'm on to face my day. I finished a chapter of a book I was asked to contribute to and I'm thrilled to ahve it done in one morning. I really thought it would take too...

Everyone's pretty quiet out there in comment land. Am I getting boring? What's up with all of you? What should I blog about?
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