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Would you choose maternity clothes

Posted Oct 22 2012 9:55am

The first-time pregnancy will let prospective mothers to fill with the glory of maternity, pregnancy body changes in progesterone levels also does make some mothers skin become delicate and smooth, but it will also make many mother's skin very sensitive, rough, apparent pregnancy spots appear on the face. Rest assured that these problems can be solved.

Working Mommy pretty the matrix reloaded

A working mother, you should select that can highlight the chest line, mask the protuberant abdomen wear, submitted under the small a-dress, a neat fabric and a superb crop of clothing has a solid perfect contour. Traditional dress of pregnant women from the standpoint of comfortable and convenient, completely abandoned the design of waist line, looks bloated awkward, which is very suitable for Office wear. To be led with colleagues leave a good impression of diligent, skilful, may choose in the popular Korean-style dresses this year, extending high empire waist design ideas last year to enhance the waist line, tighten their chest, bring out the beautiful and elegant lines. Don't forget to hand in a beautiful package bag, then match a unique corsage.

Pregnant women wear reflect the professional women's modesty, calm, confident at the same time, should also give a cheer and a pleasant sensation, therefore different fabrics and colours the best consistent with the normal professional Mannerism. If you often stay at home, you have better wear casual maternity dresses.

Accustomed to the social activities of the Mummy, you should prepare formal maternity dresses that are suitable identity, pregnancy loaded in the style and exposing themselves during pregnancy is still charming. But the dress is not to choose loose, preferably gowns and skirts with high elasticity.

Radiation protective clothing three indicators

White-collar mother of the regular use of office automation equipment is important to note that, in order for your baby to grow healthy, remember to wear radiation-proof clothes.

Selection of radiation protection clothing needs to focus on three important technical indicators, namely, protective band, shielding effectiveness, screening rates. Product description in the indicate protection frequency range, in General, good radiation protection clothing its frequency range is wide, shielding effectiveness value is relatively high, in between 39~54dB, you can screen out more than 99% of electromagnetic radiation, expecting mothers can choose according to their protection needs targeted.

Not selected lace bra

Lace bra is not suitable for sensitive skin during pregnancy, swivel buckle loop straps and load bearing properties of good Bras applies not only to pregnancy, breastfeeding uses the same convenient.

During later stages of pregnancy, you may to choose the movable buckle loop shoulder strap, breastfeeding without BRA took off, both antenatal and postnatal application; soft and shaped wire that could fully support the plump breasts, protect breast deformation; w-tray liner can support breasts don't droop; cross-section design of the breast can be concentrated in the Central, the mother-to-be during pregnancy can also maintain a good curve.


Mother's abdomen is protected part, it must not be a little bit aggrieved. Therefore, in order not to impede the blood circulation, even early in pregnancy, mothers also don't choose tights or receive functional underwear and abdominal waist, thighs are relatively tight panties. Select upper lower mini panties big panties or the lyrics to a higher, to a certain degree of flexibility, flexibility in order to adapt to ever-larger belly.

Dealing with skin problems

First of all, you want to keep the skin clean, but less use alkaline cleaning products, to using less SOAP as possible, if you use SOAP, preferably before you sign to avoid skin irritation. Skin care at the same time, prospective mothers to ensure adequate rest and proper nutrition, usually after 5 months of pregnancy, the skin appears rough and facial sores, acne will not improve the situation.

Note the Sun during pregnancy, are to a certain extent prevent pigmentation and prevent stain colors become darker. While moms are out, should wear a hat, or open an umbrella to prevent the direct rays of the Sun, apply sunscreen or using sunscreen cosmetics to block the effects of ultraviolet light. Sunscreen cosmetics SPF value, the higher the better, but the higher the SPF value, irritation, the more stronger, prone to dry skin.

If you want to learn more information about maternity dresses, you can go to this site fashion pregnancy dress.

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