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Work...Surgeries....and oh yea...Work

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:00am
Work has kept me SOOO busy lately! I'm in Denver now-until Thursday.....luckily-the weather has been GORGEOUS-at almost 80 degrees and Sunny. I was told not to get used to it or expect it next year when I come back-because this is very out of the norm. So far-Denver is good...I've never been here before-I'm hoping on Thursday I'll be able to go do some sightseeing. I haven't done much of that yet-so I'm excited to finish all of my work stuff tomorrow night-and spend all day Thursday-just seeing what this city is all about.

Friday early Mike's surgery. seems like it's taken FOREVER to get to this point. But Friday we will have answers. Our insurance company never agreed to pay for the full surgery. So we are just doing the first part of it. The biopsy and the "vasogram." Basically that means-checking the tubes to see where the blockage is-and if it is worth fixing. (basically is the risk of doing the surgery-greater than the benefit-since we know that even if it is fixed, our chances are around 25% or less of ever conceiving.) So-at least on Friday we will know. And we will know if we will want to go ahead with the BIG surgery in a few years-after we could save up.

I feel so out of the loop these days-like my life is just SO BUSY that I don't even have time to breathe. But I do have to say-that I really enjoy my's just that sometimes....I'm soooo busy and that can take a toll on me. But like I said-I really love my it is worth it. And these busy times are only a few times a it's really not so bad. :)
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