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Work at young, traditional sports heritage

Posted Oct 10 2012 4:00am
Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, October 9 (Reporters Zhou Jie and Huang Yong) - With the championship of the National Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet, Wang Yan Oi and Xie Youming exhibit distinctly different Air Foamposite Pro For Sale personalities: a shy man of few words, a generous and enthusiastic. The Wang Yan Oi from Guizhou Anshun Puding County cents Zhongmacun in Guangzhou in 2007, 2011 in Guiyang twice the Shenu champion; Xie Youming from Libo County, Qiannan Yao Shan, he won two in Guangzhou and Guiyang gyro gold medal. They are also provincial intangible cultural heritage. Like them, but not quite the same, Wang Yan Oi cents horse village of farmers, is still considering whether to work outside the home; Xie Youming as a special talent, and now is of Libo County Dayaoshan national high school official employees, monthly income and compared to work outside the home, but relatively stable. Their relative differences reflect the same reality the: Guizhou Ethnic Traditional Sports To further heritage and development is still facing many challenges. The Guizhou Province Shenu coach Sun safety with respect, now facing the greatest difficulty is lean how Shenu to players peace of mind to stay in the team, they all want to go out to work. Sun safety has said. In cents Zhongmacun, like this man Wang Yan Oi migrant workers can earn monthly 2,500 yuan, Wang Yan Oi won a national competition gold medal even if, weekdays training, resulting in loss of working time subsidy of 1,000 yuan per month will or so. What prompted Wang Yan Oi have not given up the sport Shenu? He said, this is a hobby for him. However, in the training process, he also is not without wavered. 2007 was my child, my training in Guiyang, grant no more than my wife called me home, working out later the province and the region to do the work, I persevered, "he said. "The future is not also persevered, depending on the situation," he said, "I may also go out to work." Wang Yan Oi used in order to earn some money while in training to supplement the family income, to open a motorcycle passenger, the results fell, breaking her ankle. He said, able to adhere Shenu, is out of a hobby. Guizhou Province, Anshun City In order to the development Shenu movement, make great efforts to increase investment. From 1998 to 2012, the Provincial Sports Bureau and the provincial people and religious affairs commission of $ 800 million invested in Shenu movement, but these funds are utterly inadequate. Get rid of the cost of the above equipment, venue, training, implemented in each person's head stretched. Has won the National Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet Shenu champion Li Guifu calculations: the source of their income depends mainly on farming, farming, and workers, the annual income of about one or two million, but Shenu the annual investment needed five or six thousand, This can not be said to be a heavy burden. Precisely because of this, Li Guifu family does not want his practice Shenu Li Guifu able to stick with it is also out of a love. The shortage of funds also plagued the Dayaoshan national secondary schools. The Dayao Mountain National Middle School is a junior high school, on the school, students will gyro training sessions, the teacher is Xie Youming. The School Principal Daniel Poon said the school is also facing the problem of lack of funds. In order to save money, many of the equipment they are their own production, also need to 2-30000 yuan Even so, the cost of each semester. Ma Ying, the Qiannan Sports, Deputy Secretary, said the Government would also like a lot of ways to heritage and development of traditional national sports. She said that these measures include the establishment of the Minority Traditional Sports training base, the activities of the National Traditional Sports into the campus, with the incentive safeguards, to reward the athletes get good grades, and also give some protection in employment, promote traditional sports able to get healthy and benign development. Of a certain technology and experience traditional sports talent can think of a way to retain, but how to attract more young people to participate in the National Traditional Sports is the bigger challenge. Wang Yan Oi frankly, young people do not want to engage in Shenu, because "they do not see this above improve the Carmelo Anthony Shoes standard of living for themselves and their families hope. Sun Antioch from the selection shook his head. He said that this is the biggest problem now. In Guizhou some underdeveloped areas, out of the pursuit of a better life, many young adults are migrant workers, which are mostly elderly and infirm to stay at home, which led to the difficulties of the traditional national athletic talent selection. These challenges, may only be obtained with the economic development in order to truly solve.
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