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Women's heart ten risk list U.S.

Posted Feb 29 2012 6:58am
media summary of a number of large-scale study found that In a number of risk factors, what kind of heart damage? Recently, the United States, "female friend" magazine published an article summarized a number of large-scale study, and 10 risk for women's heart health to make Ranking will help women be more targeted to protect the heart. A. Parents have a history of heart attack (heart disease risk factor of 0.7-3.4 times). If a parent or sibling has a heart attack before age 65, your risk of heart disease will increase by 70%. If the immediate family of sick more than two, then your risk is increased four times. However, the study also shows that the impact of unhealthy lifestyles on the heart and sometimes more than genetic. (2) overweight (2 times). Body mass index ranged between 25-29, the probability of heart failure increased by 21%. If more than 30, then the risk of heart disease is 2 times the normal weight. (3) hypertension (1.86 times). If your blood pressure over 140/90 mm Hg, heart disease and stroke risk increased by 1.86 and 2.62 times respectively. Even if the blood pressure between 120/80 and 140/90, the risk of heart disease will be increased by 76% and 93%. Pregnancy complications (1 times). If women have pre-eclampsia, pregnancy, diabetes or high blood pressure and other diseases, the risk of heart disease is equivalent to a heart stress test failed. (5) diabetes (1 times). Normal blood sugar levels should be lower than 5.56 mmol / l. People suffering from more than 7 mmol / l increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Daily sedentary over 6 hours (0.5-1 times). Often sat still, is not conducive to "good" cholesterol to clear the plaques in the arteries. Smoking or regular passive smoking (0.25-1 times). Smoking the risk of heart attack doubled, the same second-hand smoke can also damage blood vessels, increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Monster Beats Dy Dr Dre Casque Studio Haute Définition Blanc  High cholesterol (0.72 times). Blood total content of over 6.19 mmol / l, 72% increased risk of heart disease. LDL preferably not more than 3.35 mm mol / l, high-density lipoprotein is not lower than 1.55 mmol / l. Fatigue lingering (0.45 times). The new study shows that of the "loop" magazine, difficult to sleep or wake up feeling less than relaxed women, the risk of heart attack increased by 45%. Sleep well women twice a week, the risk of heart attack will increase by 27%. 10 too busy, interpersonal tensions (0.4 times). Harvard University survey found that of 17,500 women, work pressure makes a woman's heart disease and other cardiovascular disease risk of seizures increased by 40%. Another study showed that the strained relations with her husband or children, the risk of women suffering from chest pain will be greatly increased. ▲
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