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without dedicated human resources personnel or legal counsel

Posted Nov 06 2012 3:02am

Looking back at the final season as a whole, it's too bad that the makers of DS9 chose to call it a day here; even with the resolution of the Dominion War there's enough questions left unanswered and interest in seeing where these characters go on -- in the final episode that the show could have easily gone on. Part of the reason to end of the series was due to Brooks desire to move on (revealed in a crew dossier featurette devoted to the character included in the set's bonus features), but even with half of the show's characters moving on in their lives or destinies, it would have been interesting to see where a season eight of DS9 went, watching the Dominion and Federation try and create a peace in the aftermath of a major war, seeing Kira try and serve the interests of Bajor and of the Federation, and getting to know new characters posted there. While it's still nothing more than a pipe dream in the fans' imaginations, some of the cast members of DS9 have expressed a desire to pick up their characters and show where they are now. If Paramount is leery about committing millions to a DS9 feature film, what about UPN doing a mini-series?


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