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Wish Trip - Day Seven (Final Day) :(

Posted Aug 17 2008 12:00am
So, since the wish trip posts took all week, I'll catch you up on what we've been doing.

After arriving home so late Sunday night, we were up bright and early to start the boys back in day care for the school year on Monday morning (Olivia was with me all week). I start back to work tomorrow. :( Kids start back to school Tuesday, so I've been in my classroom all week getting it ready. It's a lot of work. Especially since my classroom is taking a little refocusing this year and since I have a student teacher coming the first quarter of the year. I really needed to get a lot of the classroom things ready and straight in my mind prior to her beginning.

Tuesday I was with my friend J all day at a court house 45 min from here with her daughter's court case. That's another post in itself. Then dinners and evening time with the kids and posting on our trip at night.

Friday night J and her three girls, and my friend T and her two who are Braeden's bio brother and sister, came for cake and ice cream to celebrate Olivia's bday. We are doing large parties for years 5, 10, and 15 (or 16?) and cake and ice cream with them for the rest. So Braeden will have a large party in Feb when he turns 5! Then on the child's actual birth day they choose their dinner, drink, and dessert. For the cake and ice cream on Fri, Olivia choose High School Musical plates and such and a HSM chocolate cake with chocolate crackle ice cream.

Our gang!!! :) All through foster care!!!
On Olivia's actual birthday I took the kids to the zoo. We still had not gotten there this year which is not like us, and it was the perfect weather day to go. We had lots of fun!!! And since out "Thing" tshirts really are only funny when we all wear them together, we HAD to wear them today! We got lots of giggles and compliments, it was cute! :)

For her birthday dinner she chose pancakes, eggs, sausage, Sprite, and brownies! What a mix! But it sure tasted good! :)
Today we were planning to go to church and out to eat with J and the girls, but Liam woke up with a fever. Not too bad, but I didn't want to stick him in the church nursery with other kids not knowing what was wrong. He was fine on Motrin, so we still went to lunch and then spent the afternoon with them as well. After dinner I redid Olivia's hair (for 2 hours!) and then the kids were in bed. Things are ready for tomorrow, but I'm so not. I love getting to be a stay at home mom in the summer, and I'm not yet ready to give that up. I guess I don't have a choice, and I am looking forward to seeing the kids and getting back into teaching, but I am going to miss my own kiddos!!! :)

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