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Who Have I Become???

Posted Mar 20 2006 12:00am
Well, Friday our family did something I thought I would never expose my kids to, we went to see Barney Live! I know, I know, Barney???

After college I was a nanny for six years. I watched enough Barney in those years to want to be Barney-free the rest of my life. I suppose with the time and distance of those years growing ever greater, and the love B has right now for anything related to farms, especially animals, I broke one day while walking the aisles of a local store. Seeing the DVD "Barney Goes to the Farm," I couldn't help myself. He loves farms, I mean LOVES them. He has a horse that he carries around with him everywhere. On our way out the door to any destination, B says, "Horse with me?" How can you say no to that? His favorite books right now are farm books, he got the Little People Farm for his birthday, he plays the one sheet on his Little Touch Leap Pad that has farm animals repeatedly, etc.

So, when I saw the DVD, Barney or not, I had to get it.

There isn't a day that goes by now that B does not say, or yell, "Barney Farm!" to get across the message that "I want to watch that movie, and I want to watch it now!" (He would be a complete couch potato if I let him!) At night, B will often cry the most pathetic cry until I walk in his room to assure him he's fine. The second that door opens I hear "Mama, cow Moooooo." or "Mama, pig bacon." His favorite little "trick" lately is that he knows that cows have milk, sheep have wool, chickens have eggs, and pigs have bacon. Very cute - unless it's the fourth time you've gone to his room to answer his cry only to have him so eloquently tell you about the animals.

So, to make a long story short, I've been checking recently on The Wiggles or Bear in the Big Blue House concerts. One such check yielded results for a Barney show soon to come. I had to, I just had to. So, Barney here we come! Friday was the day. It actually went really well. The only down side is that the intermission was a bit long. B was not happy about Barney going away and as much as J and I tried to take his mind off it, he grew ever restless and tired of waiting. He finally came back and we ended up leaving with a stuffed Barney for B, a CD for J, and a feeling like I was a pretty good mom for me. That was short lived. They of course fell asleep on the ride home (the show started at 7pm and we had an hour and 15min drive). While that was fine for B - I could carry him in, I don't have enough arms to also carry J. I was forced to wake her and she was a BEAR! Crying and crying because she couldn't get the back door open. I told her it was locked and we needed to go to the front. We ended up ok and off to dreamland, but it was a rough 15 min.

I think I'll keep checking for the Wiggles, now that would be fun!!! :0)
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