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when the South reporter verify this was

Posted Mar 13 2013 8:42am
Meng Tao favorite, is working together with China CITIC Bank. In 2006, China CITIC Bank wanted to do a story about golf tournaments, initially for the adult business of tournament, towards the company's investment and the youth tournament bids. Meng Tao clearly remember came in the room, talk talked for two hours, operating mode of creative youth tournament, competitions, sponsor such elaboration was clearly understood, of course, benefit from toward all races, including the tour experience. Finally, China CITIC Bank has adopted towards the idea, was born "CITIC Bank junior golf tournament". Several years of collaboration, our interactive and complementary relationship has gone beyond a relationship of str, CITIC Bank in the golf industry-wide deep veins, in the area of high-end customers constantly nike air max 2013 canada release yielded a large number of high-end customers. "CITIC Bank youth competition virtually all players are VIP CITIC Bank management and Platinum customers have a child, in order to ensure that children can participate in the competition, each race banks that would be acceptable to many parents asked for relevant business requirements. ”
On September 10, when the South reporter verify this was leaked by a player tweets news, parties or silent or remain silent. On September 13, the blogger old Tang said in the blog, he saw South on LPG a Chinese online game coverage is canceled, immediately, accompanied by his friends---who was transferred to United States officials to monitor competition in China's insiders, but the friend does not believe, as United States officials on the women's tour and tournament organization had not received any clear answers from China.
Finnish officials said players have 13 out of 15 members of the Advisory Board who opposed the ban, they believed that there was no evidence to support the long putter to nike air max 90 canada obtain an advantage. While US tour Commissioner explained the US tour was against the ban, but also a push-click models in the golf world have been around for some 40 years, the past two generations.
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