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What to do, what to do...

Posted Jan 22 2007 12:00am

Well, about 8:15, when I was reading through his internet history of dope selling deals, Mike shows up. I told him I could either take him down to the station or I could call the cops. I'm giving him some slack and letting him shower first, which I may regret.

He is asking us if we're still going to "be there for him." I told him we would, but had to point out the irony of us sticking by him when he has no respect for us, our posessions, or reputations. It's hard for me to care about if someone takes his shoes when he has stolen my bike yet again He told me where he THINKS he dropped it off.

If I recounted to you our conversation, you could see how messed up his brain must be. The stories he tells and the things he says just plain don't make sense.

I have 4 kids asleep now -- I will have to leave them alone here as Bart is heading to St. Cloud to speak at the Fatherhood Summit...

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