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What feeble abilities, slow the different energy

Posted Dec 17 2012 6:26am
  Vampire Grand Duke does not instantly transfer that Prince level only, but their speed has forced Qi Yue is a headache, and the strength of any one of these five Grand Duke vampire in the dark boards are top is more terrible than those below Bereskarn more. them with the very clever five vampire Grand Duke, the separation of the three entangled Qi Yue, by virtue of the speed he launched a lightning attack, while the other two little farther, and continuously release a dark abilities assisted their companions attack. their dark abilities most with no offensive, but the coverage is very wide, so that Qi Yue can not dodge.
    What feeble abilities, slow the different energy, a constant applied in attendance Yue who give it three on hemophagocytic to attack Qi Yue vampire Duke has additional, mad war auxiliary fighting ability., Qi Yue although four attributes of cloud force strength of the powerful, but also five Grand Duke vampire completely entangled, only by virtue of their powerful defense, as well as the four attributes of cloud endless stream of attacks force to compete with each other.
    Side of the militant side of the heart cursed Qi Yue the Paladin music source, although as early guess this guy to the message is a fake, but Qi Yue also turned out to be false to the point where I did not expect, in front of these dark parliament guy really too tough if not torch teach firepower support, I am afraid that now more than fall under the wind was so simple. they can not be resolved before five old vampire, clearly and Xudong also unlikely to get rid of the tyrannical dark creatures while that aside Kisaragi led Modi and tube level with three powerful dark protoss battle turned out to be a disadvantage or Qi Yue first time I saw the sea Kisaragi disadvantage in single challenge seen this darkness Parliament to strength how strong the music source that guy to own intelligence
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