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Warcraft in adversity the lakers still have the confidence not to mention to contract only back to the playoffs

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:49am
Fifty years old, he is to make no longer play, but Jordan income but is not low, even more rich than his players age. According to Forbes magazine's survey, Jordan still income can reach 80 million dollars, and he is now recently, about 650 million dollars. Jordan is currently the charlotte bobcats, although the bobcats Cheap Nike Air Yeezy 2 underachievement, but NBA teams are in appreciation, his investment has paid off, and he has six restaurants and a garage. Jordan is still in and Nike cooperation, his air brand and new products, all star period will sell and generation. He almost no poor investments lead to huge sacrifice before them, according to the current trend, he entered the billion rich list is only a matter of time.With 25-29 negative record to the all-star game, Howard didn't lose heart. The lakers [micro bo] row in the west the first ten, and currently ranked eighth all-star host the Houston rockets sent 3.5 field, and in front of them, and lead them half the ball the Portland trail blazers team to enter the playoffs, the lakers did not sure. Warcraft has made up his mind to, in the next game, try our best to help the lakers in the playoffs. Cheap Nike Air Yeezy"Now, I only think about this season," Howard said, in Houston, he involved in trade rumors, the host is also one of his potential buyers, "I only care about our team, we hope that we can perfect the end of the season. This is my only concern. I'd play the rest of the game, we can still hit our highest level." Now the lakers let outside also quite some surprise, with Nash [micro bo], Howard, the lakers once be regarded as title contenders, but for now, they struggle for the playoffs quota, Howard also had no idea to talk more. When a reporter asked him, whether in the future will be four to five season with the lakers opponent on the right decision, or choose other teams, Nike Air Yeezy 2 Shoes Howard shook his head. He said: "I'm a head full of only think about one thing, that is to help the team to the playoffs, then we win a championship. He is still full of confidence to the lakers, in warcraft opinion, if this thought the lakers into the playoffs, that would be a mistake, before the all-star game lakers, obviously not their true level. "We still have a chance to get better, we still have a chance to win," Howard said, "I believe we can do it. We only need to put his whole heart into the game, agreement."But only he tried to perhaps very difficult, in fact, Howard also admitted that the lakers and internal may not fit. "We are the biggest problem is that haven't reached an agreement, we must unite as one," Howard said. On the outside looking in, warcraft is the lakers factors of instability, but for him, that he is not into the team, but the time is too short. We must become a real team, "Howard said," we must struggle together, this is a process. We should Cheap Nike Hyperdunk 2012 help each other, as a whole. "Shoots, the ball right allocation, and players in the team in the position, facing the lakers, Howard did not tell reporter, how should solve the problem. He looks more like a put-off way said:" we will get it under control. "Encounter trade rumors, the lakers [micro bo] underachievement, came to Houston in the all star Howard a face not happy, but he never questioned his strength. This "Howard was named NBA western conference all-star starting, also draws outside questioned the lakers difference is an aspect, and his own performance and the first few season some gap, especially 49.5% from the free-throw line, but also make for the media and fans. In fact, Howard in this season, even old lian Po and spurs center also some disadvantages compared to Duncan. Howard also admitted that he is injured, not best, but he did not consider himself as all-star starting have any questions, in his opinion, he still is the NBA [micro bo] best center, even if the human is not the best condition. "Even if I only 75% of health, I still is the best center in the league," Howard said.
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