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Vision: chim huang rate team fight enemies revenge? The heat to solve a problem

Posted Feb 02 2013 1:52am
matter what he does, we will support the decision." We play for the clippers' crawford said, "he is our good brothers, so we hope that his decision was think for yourself and your family. Timberwolves also suffering from injury, but Roy think this than at the time when in Portland and difficult, "the team need to be able Nike Air Max 2012 Mens to play, they also don't know whether I can play, I will still try to restore see the effect.Before the injury, Roy is the league's most deterrent defender, but one of the injuries in the fierce tiger, directly will be a genius into one way or another beyond redemption of the deep, in April 2010, Roy was found right patella contusion and with little torn cartilage, and he also had knee arthroscopy surgery, but amazingly, distance operation only after eight days, Roy was against the sun playoff series forced back, but the hero's feat but deepened his injury. In November 2010, Roy was found the water, his double knee there are serious cartilage wear, and even Nike Air Max 2012 Womens have no meniscus cartilage. Obviously feel pain in the knee, Roy season still insist on a team played 42 of the regular season, but on the field of the form has not as good as before. In December 2011, the 27-year-old Roy had to announce his retirement in a sentimental ways to make farewell.Beijing time on February 1, Miami heat will be on the road tomorrow challenge indiana pacers, lebron James will rate team strive to wash this season opener the pacers negative shame, rebound congested is decided the ownership of the key factors. The two teams play this season have a (Beijing time on January 9,), the heat away in 77-87 loss to the pacers. The game a key data is rebounding, the heat 36-55 crazy lose 19 offensive rebounds, 7 - and by the detonation on second-chance points on 6 - and obvious Nike Air Max 2011 gap. The ball defeat urged hot pressing found inside help, sign "bird man" Chris Anderson to enhance the protection. Counter is the heat win weapon, the rebound is tactical foundation, the heat want to wash shame revenge walkers, rebounding must have a better performance to do otherwise it is difficult to say -. On January 9th negative walkers game this season is James a shame, "the emperor" although scored 22 points and 10 rebounds, but mistakes aspects as much as 7 times, para "three grade" teenager Paul - George was pressed. George in that game off 29 points and 11 rebounds, in the third quarter attack a high heat out. As the pacers leading scorer, George this season, averaging 17.4 points, 7.7 rebounds and 3.8 assists in the performance of the almighty, all-star. Competitive spirit strong James in the field "had been Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 enemies will quote", this "refight George performance is worth looking forward to.Miami is the eastern offensive firepower strongest team, averaging 102.7 points and went to 48.9% shooting from the field in the league. Powerful attack security of the defending champion in the east, leading the last 6 games five wins and one negative. The pacers east is the strongest defense team lost averaging 89.9 points, the opponent's shooting limited to 41.9% league team and no. The pacers home record 17 games 3 negative, in 12 matches at home wins, the devil home away from home for 11-10 negative heat is a test. The heat in the eastern semi-finals last out the pacers, but in two teams this season encounter was beaten throw away everything when fleeing, the second half just had 35 points, game is divided into 77 this season single-game scoring minimum value. In the face of the pacers fortified defenses, the heat in addition to the three giant no one can stable take points and ray Allen 5 throw in second NBA career zero score. Paul - George for the pacers in height advantage is very confident, said the heat rebound is not opponents. "We emphasis is rebounding, the heat is a very good team, but their rebound is not strong, and we are more tall figure," said George.
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