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Updates, Updates, Updates

Posted Aug 28 2007 12:00am
A LONG first week and a half of school. They pretty much dumped the "extras" in my class. What I've ended up with is a class of 7 full time students. 6 do not take our state tests because they are so "low". I am floored to be honest, with their levels and don't even know where to start. They can't spell the word "to", some can't even spell their full names, don't understand that the numbers 7 and 7 are equal, it's hard to know where to go. I have one who needs to take the state tests, so he needs reg ed Math, etc. I also have two who come in all morning for Language Arts. I have an autistic girl, my only girl, who has a one on one aid and is really quite high compared to the rest of the class. It just is so different from what I've done that I'm having a hard time adjusting and finding resources.

I WON $1,000 today!!!! Unreal!! I had entered this contest when I bought my new appliances, and of course thought nothing of it. Last week I got a letter to fill out paperwork that I may have won, had to have it notarized. I looked up the co. on the web to check it out and sure enough they do tons of contests,etc for STaples, GE, etc. I faxed it and today got the check. No strings! I'm going to give some to church, it's such a blessing! and then get a couch for the living room!!! :)

Oh, and I felt like complete junk last week, finally made it to Immediate Care Sat, was diagnosed with Sinusitus and am on antibiotics!!!

If your'e counting, that would be four of the five of us on antibiotics!!! The kitchen looks like a pharmacy!
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