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Under such circumstances

Posted Dec 05 2012 3:56am
Under such circumstances, double star summed up the current situation of crisis. Return from Shanghai Qingdao road, big guys have become shaoyanguayu. Pressure cheap air max 1 shoes clearly written on each of the team members face. 3rd, after arriving in Qingdao, the team also lost a piece of luggage at liuting airport delays for more than half an hour, when returning Haitian sports hotel is at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Even so, the team still arranged training in the afternoon.

Marbury finished tackling observed long ago Morris location, so after breaking ball didn't do any adjustments, direct a students ' kickball Morris found, except that the latter's "single" be undermined by the Liaoning team fouls. Another time before Marbury in the backcourt ball directly through half a passing of the venue, found under Zhu Yanxi, who easily dunk success. From the two balls to see Marbury's vision and passing ability, and this is technology 4 assists cannot be reflected on the statistical form.

Competition last minute Qingdao team to Jilin 82-90 behind, right of Qingdao team holds the ball, fans looked up and look at the big-screen, the game also has the final 35 seconds. "There are 35 seconds! There are 35 seconds! "Over the edge of a staff shouted in a loud voice in English, it is clear that this is a shout to maiditing, we all know  nike air max 90 sale maidi was cut 13 minutes 35 seconds in the NBA staged a miracle to help the rockets defeated the Spurs, in Qingdao's new stadium, fans are looking forward to maidi staged moment at this very moment.
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