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Today at School/Work and Home

Posted May 27 2008 12:00am
Today was Field Day at my school. A time for all of the 3rd through 5th graders to go crazy and run from game to game to have their tags punched showing that they have been to and played as many as they could. My friend and I opted to stay in with the ones who couldn't go out for behavior, late work, or fines. You may say we got the raw end of the deal, but I would disagree. :) It is FREEZING outside!!! Yesterday was so hot I ended up putting on the air because the attic/boys room was stifling. Today the kids were running their hands under the hot water in the bathrooms after coming in because they were so cold! And we stayed inside with actually very well bahaved students. She worked on her foster daughter's lifebook and I checked email and talked. Poor us! :)

I did hear from Girlie's cw finally, since I emailed her this morning asking what was going on. They have decided - oh my gosh - that that couple isn't the best placement for her! What do you know. They have another in mind who MAY work. Time is running out! Plus, my friend J has decided that she would like to have Girlie as a placement. This happened right before the other couple, but they have yet to even acknowledge it. I mentioned again today after hearing from her about the first couple that she would like to be considered. She knows Girlie well, has researched RAD and dealt with it before, has holidays and summers off, can keep her in her current day care, etc. We'll see... but I don't think they will let her. They make me quite mad!

The cw also told me that the supervisor said (follow that???) :) That I don't need to go to Liam's ACR. BUT, didn't actually say that, yes, they are still backing me as placement, so I'm still going! :)
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