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Tips for Keeping Uggs From

Posted Oct 26 2012 1:59am
Tips for Keeping Uggs From Creasing When Walking 1 ) Make sure your Uggs fit properly. Uggs that are too big can slouch or droop, making them more susceptible to bending and creasing, while those that are too small can become tight and bend easily. When picking out a pair of ugg boots wholesale, walk around with them first and make sure they are snug, but not too tight. 2 )Avoid running in your Uggs. Creases happen when you overextend your feet and stretch the Uggs beyond their normal shape, and running increases the risk of overextending your feet. Walking upright and deliberately in your Uggs can go a long way toward avoiding creases. 3 )Avoid wet weather. Though Uggs are marketed as winter boots, they're really not meant for the harsh conditions of snow and rain. When cheap ugg boots get wet, they become more susceptible to permanent creases, so it's easiest to just never get them wet. If your Uggs do get wet, fill them with newspaper while they dry to help prevent creasing.
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