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time they talked about music actually cheap nike foamposites own ruined

Posted Dec 20 2012 6:44am
Sister made a photo in Beijing. Saw bright smiling face again. Is wound a face filled with warm. I said that when their own before they can live a day kind of scenery Qi months. The painful third year when we can end. Class results when pushed less behind. Sister ah. Beijing University is certainly very interesting, my computer must be good with it. Take my computer to stay I am bitter dilapidated keyboard tapping your left. And according to the keyboard to cost me a lot of finger strength. Just leaving my lonely lonely heart dialogue text.In the class sang a song. "Juvenile story" did not expect the time they talked about music actually cheap nike foamposites own ruined mess. The juvenile heart always insurmountable inner shy ignorant. Until the sit down moment of his own heart or nervous hype. Do not know who said black high school, black June. Now I also agree in very "in 2008, this is not the same as the third year, we realized what was moved, what is truth and what is the responsibility .

Perhaps, for many people, the 2008 is bitter. 5.12 that a major earthquake allows us to appreciate life and death is only a fine line between, allows us to appreciate the power of solidarity, let us realize what is a friend in need is a friend indeed.Of course, this third year let us understand the greatness of Health, the memory of the glorious dead / little flow in our heart, they will be with us eternal life, and they will be a lifetime treasure you my heart.Ah! We've gone through the test of life and nike air more uptempo for sale death, spent with a time of life is the most bitter and it is also the most memorable. Maybe tomorrow we will be, respectively, do not know when the next meet when. But I believe that we will remember each other each other, because we are part of 12 classes, because we have a common good feelings.
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