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Thousands of snakes were released Farmers wearing high-top the shoes work

Posted Nov 26 2012 5:27am
"We are afraid to work in the fields!" Recently, cheap shoes canvas  in Shulan's Taoyuan Village, road, fields, woods ditch pond, from time to time there was snake emergence.

Snakes were on road and bridge

According to the villagers, October 2, cheap canvas shoe  a group of outsiders men traveling in a few more bus released tens of thousands of snakes in the nearby mountains.

Farmers wearing high-top rubber shoes work

A large cornfield outside, a middle-aged couple in the ground was doing farm work. Man called Han, he and his wife were pickg corn wearing gloves, high-top rubber boots and tight leg trousers.

"Just picked corn, I also killed a snake." Said Han your wife may rain recently received corn in order to avoid the risk of being bitten.

In the afternoon, Lee said: "These days, my father and I did not do anything else, take wooden sticks to catch the snake stood in the road on both sides, but there are still some forest frog eaten by snake, I do not know why the sudden appearance of so many snakes, maybe earthquake?"

October 5, Seismological Bureau of Jilin City confirmed not earthquake precursors.
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