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ThL W8S has fashionable appearance and realistic visual experience

Posted Nov 02 2013 5:30am

ThL smartphone in October before the launch of a four -core big-screen smart machine - ThL W8S, store experience has been in the major stock on sale. Speed ??machine with 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 5.0 Inch 1080P Full HD large screen and high pixel shooting performance 1300W unanimously approved by consumers, popularity and sales climbing. THL W8S faster is a large-screen phone, priced at just 1399 yuan, interested users can go to the nearest store experience feel some real machine.

Phone when you buy processing speed is relatively concern. So on the hardware configuration, ThL W8S configured a 1.5GHz quad-core processor speed, run faster than ordinary four -core mobile phone increased 1.5 -fold, evident in the run big game, loaded high-definition video, such as the speed of response and the loading speed coaster, approaching heartbeat. Moreover, it also supports 3G high-speed mobile networks, get rid of the snail -like download speeds, so you enjoy the thrill fingertips.

ThL W8S ahead with the price of quad-core phones are: front with an up to 500W pixel front camera, not only to provide users with high-resolution video calls, but also enjoy the large aperture, super- wide-angle self- effect, THL W100, ThL W200 quad-core phone is also equipped with a 500W or so pixels, but the imaging results are slightly lower than ThL W8S, because THL W8S price than THL W100, THL W200 slightly higher, and THL W8S rear camera also reached extreme 1300W pixels, and support for panoramic photography, smile mode, HDR, multi-angle camera and other modes, enjoy recording life moments.

ThL W8S also known for its fashionable Western style look and fresh visual experience in one fell swoop to conquer them. Front of the machine equipped with a 5.0 inches super- resolution retina screen 1080P Full HD, PPI pixel density value reached 441, far beyond the human eye to identify the degree saturated colors more vivid, more finesse screen, there is no grain noise, we can bring realistic and immersive visual experience.

Overall, THL W8S is a faster, larger screen, higher pixel screen phones. Store experience has been in the major hot spot, price is only 1,399 yuan, if you are looking for a cost-effective mobile phone or being upset I do not know how to choose, then, may wish to THL mobile experience feelings of real machine shop, the tried to know good purposes.

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