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ThL W11 Monkey King 2 generation using corning wearable screen

Posted Nov 07 2013 5:16am

Thl Mobile Phone in the degree of concern increased dramatically this year, shortly before the launch of the ThL W11 Monkey King is to become the first equipped with pre- 1300W pixel camera phone. Not long ago we had a sequel of the aircraft Monkey two generations to do the relevant reports, the recent exposure of another message on the machine. Sources pointed out that the upcoming generation of ThL Monkey 2 will use its screen third generation Corning Gorilla Glass, which indicates that the Monkey King 2 generation screen compared to its predecessor would have increased dramatically.

Third-generation Gorilla Glass (Gorilla Glass3) joined Corning's unique " native Loss Prevention " (Native Damage Resistance, referred NDR) technology, which improves the internal molecular structure of glass can reduce the expansion of cracks and other damage, weaken appearance of scratches and maintaining the overall strength of the glass. In the scratch rating, third-generation Gorilla Glass over the previous two generations of products increased 3 times, visible scratches can be reduced 40%, structural strength can be improved by 40%. This shows ThL Monkey 2 generation will be more robust, drop scratch stronger performance, well worth the wait. THL before the launch of ThL W8S and THL W100 are not using gorilla glass, use the IPS screen.

THL W11 Monkey King 2 generations of exposure news, the aircraft has been in the hardware configuration increasingly clear, in addition to outside MTK eight -core processor, the third generation of Corning Gorilla glass screen also makes use of significantly enhance the durability of the machine. But unfortunately there is no information on the aircraft's exterior exposure information, we will continue to focus in the future.

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