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ThL W11 II eight-core smartphone hardware exposure

Posted Oct 10 2013 5:52am

ThL smartphone just launched THL W11 is hot sell, pre-1300W pixel high-definition camera self-timer so that the aircraft has become a selling point of the popular some time ago, recently there is news that the THL phone will be W11 heavy launched after THL W11 II generation the second generation product is a true eight -core processor has eight -core phone, and also supports 4G networks, support TD-LTE, LTE FDD, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, GSM five kinds of network model, various aspects of the configuration will be top with the levels achieved, this product will be more focus on performance, using 8 -core processors.

Of course, most people are still concerned about the aircraft will be equipped with a true eight -core processor, eight core work can be carried out simultaneously, and the chip can also support LTE network, known THL phone MediaTek has always been a loyal FANS, ThL W8S, THL W100, THL W200 etc. are based on MediaTek mobile phone chip, the launch of THL W11 II generations to continue to cooperate with MediaTek high possibility. Some time ago MediaTek China general manager Zhang peacekeeping force had said the outside world, MTK true eight -core chip will be mass production in the fourth quarter of this year to support LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and GSM networks, terminals available early next year, the model should be the long rumored MT6592, MT6592 although known as the 28 -nanometer process A7 core, but the specific specification is not clear, do not rule out the MT6592 can support 4G network possibilities. Another possibility is MT6290, launch time point is also in line with them, and the MT6290 is truly 4G chips, MediaTek official has said that 6290 will support five die ten frequency, however, there is news that MT6290 is a quad-core. So what THL W11 II generation of chip used is also difficult to trace which requires further public official.

Currently ThL W11 II screenshots and internal phone system diagram are exposed, we can clearly see that both the system screenshot or AnTuTu screenshot, tell us that this product uses a MediaTek MT6592 eight -core processors. ThL W11 generation apart from in the camera to give us more surprises beyond, in terms of performance will be greater than the THL W300 improve and become a more balanced performance, in addition to taking pictures, the overall performance is also very strong flagship type.

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