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THL using six-core MT6591 chip was exposed

Posted Feb 27 2014 3:26am

MediaTek strategy in the smart phone market is very clear, multi-core / performance and power balance and lower prices as a lot of domestic and foreign customers after the world's first 8-core SOC MT6592 launched using, Thl mobile phone follow MediaTek pace, which is a high-pass Why rush to launch 64 8-core processor reasons, aims to multi-core anti multicore, however MediaTek has taken the lead on this road a long way to go, play multi-core Qualcomm ability to obtain the desired effect brand remains to be seen.

Not only is the 3G, the 4G and 64 products, MediaTek also advocated multi-core, recently released its highest standard LTE single-chip MT6595 (8-core ), another quad-core MT6732 / eight-core MT6752 64λLTE chips will be the fastest this year Q3 launch. In the 3G product lines, except for the current flagship of the THL T100S eight-core MT6592 products, the industry is also exposed MediaTek 2014 product roadmap, MediaTek this year maybe will launch six-core smartphone solutions, while code is MT6591!

MT6591 cores decreased from 6592 to June 8 nuclear core, should still be 6 A7 core, another main frequency increased from 1.7GHz down to 1.5GHz, GPU model is unknown, THL W200S still a higher likelihood of MALI-450MP4 In addition MT6591 can support 1080P screen, and support for HSPA+ (WCDMA) / TD / GSM network, Xiangxi specifications as well as the need to understand.

2014 layout of MediaTek's 3G product line has been very clear, MT6592/MT6591/MT6588 respectively, for three different market positioning may be listed in the first half of this year, and this year there has been listed THL W200S and THL T200, entry-level there MT6571 to succeed in Q2 6572, a series of one hundred yuan level smartphone market.

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