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THL two eight-core new products T200C and W200S exposure

Posted Feb 15 2014 5:23am

Nearly period of time, ThL mobile phone launched eight-core flagship THL T100S bursting with popularity, the first shipment of 20,000 units T100S only took five minutes to announce sold out, a new electricity supplier THL phone sales high.

In THL W11 Monkey King 2 hot sale, from the official get more news: THL mobile phones will soon release two eight nuclear device, one is the positioning of the mid-market crossover flagship eight nuclear machine, called T200C; Another low-end market positioning of cross-border W200S flagship eight nuclear machine, the two real machine and photos are amazing.

From the official informed that: In order to cater to the mid-market demand for large-screen phone, the introduction of a low version THL T200C based THL T200 in this eight-core flagship machine on, T200C front equipped with a 6.0 inches large screen Corning Gorilla Glass3, resolution also reached 1280 * 720 HD high-definition levels, coupled with high-definition screen resolution large screen, users can bring big and different exciting vision to meet the current young fashion business, especially white-collar crowd psychological needs.

It is reported that THL T200C, this machine is also equipped with a cross-border real world's first eight-core processor MT6592, running speed, image processing performance with THL T100S true eight-core processor as powerful; main camera is also equipped with top-1300W Sony stacked camera, front will reach 500W pixels, the overall effect is comparable to the SLR camera. Moreover, T200C will also support NFC, OTG, Hall IC and gyroscopes and other advanced features, the overall configuration par with international brands.

Compared T200C mid-market positioning, exposure THL W200S another eight-core phones are more biased in favor of youth fashion family. Overall configuration is also very balanced. Speed ??will be powered by eight-core 1.7GHz processor, front wide angle 500W+ 800W back-illuminated rear dual camera, 1GB RAM+32 GB ROM and other mainstream configuration, the system will also be equipped with music based on the depth of customization jelly beans frog OS5 system to users a more humane playing machine experience.

Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in the ranks, THL phone on the market's performance has been very good. Especially in this year, launched many impressive flagship products, such as T200 series products, high cost of THL T100S, and of course there are more than two eight-core exposure of new T200C and W200S, in order to bring more purchase options; may be on the website for these two new eight-core more details.

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