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ThL T300 LTE 4G network eight-core smartphone exposure

Posted Mar 21 2014 3:21am

When the front 13MP camera eight core ThL T100S mobile phone is hot sold in market, ThL mobile phone again reported a good news: support LTE4G network, "five mode" 4G chip, with eight core processor ThL T300 intelligent mobile phone will shortly after shock pipelines. At present, the eight core ThL T300 intelligent mobile phone are under active development, the current mainstream mobile phone configuration compared to have dramatically, reached the market top configuration, will become the next generation of powerful competitors selling flagship mobile phone line.

From the media evaluation and fancier using feedback: THL T100S the most unforgettable is the 13MP camera and user customized jelly beans system 2, also with high ratio of performance to price advantage in the ThL mobile phone website set off panic buying two unpopular scene, sales steadily climbing.

The exposure of the ThL T300, based in THL T200C, the configuration will greatly upgrade, greatly enhanced performance. Officials say will be equipped with real eight core processor, not only equipped with 8 physical cores, and the 8 core can work at the same time, it makes high configuration of intelligent mobile phone competition is more intense, also means that the ThL mobile phone fully into the eight core processor time.

According to official said: this ThL T300 in addition to carry eight core processor, will also support a new generation of LTE4G network, the peak rate can provide 100Mbps, 50Mbps in 20MHz uplink downlink frequency bandwidth, can provide access to service >100kbps 350Km/h high speed mobile users, speed fast amazing. This means that the ThL Monkey King 2 generation in downloading video, games, e-books, browse Webpage will meet the psychological needs of the expected user.

Even more surprising is the monkey king, ThL 2 generation will support the "five mode" 4G chip, namely TD-LTE, LTEFDD, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, GSM five kinds of communication mode, the terminal global roaming, also complies with the 4G network popularization era.

From the above exposure information, ThL T300 will once again to subvert the standard market high hardware, ThL mobile phone has become a new annual flagship. At present, to be sure, will be equipped with eight core processor, support for LTE4G network, "five mode" 4G chip, and is actively developing. As for the other as a screen, memory, system, camera module configuration and specific time to market, officials have not revealed too much, all aspects are greatly upgrade based on ThL W200, please pay attention to the following the most recent exposure news.

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