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ThL T3 Jelly Bean system under the fast and efficient notification bar

Posted Oct 18 2013 5:38am

In Thl Mobile Phone official microblogging prizes organized by topic, many friends have shared use ThL T3 jelly beans systems playing machine experience. Its built-in Variety theme features colorful dynamic weather widget, manual rejection songs and other convenient applications are addictive, there are many small partners are attracted to the major experience store demo and Brush. Jelly beans in the end the system how well it can get so many friends who favor it? Let's look at how efficient notification bar ThLT3 easy to know.

You can pop down ThL T3 Desktop notification bar panel clicks to quickly open WIFI, data connections, flight mode, Bluetooth and so on. If you want to view a specific set of functions, simply long press on an icon to quickly enter the setting interface. Meanwhile, the user can click next to "More " icon on the notification bar of the switch position can be customized according to their actual needs pullup / down, free to define the notification bar on the front panel switch combination.

Every time I see notification bar of the various software updates, feel especially annoying, every time one a manual cleanup. If friends have encountered this situation if, in fact, no need to manually clean up like a small series so much trouble. Because ThL T3 system comes with jelly beans shielding function of information that can help you thoroughly clean these silly message. Do not have to worry about is ThL W200 have this happen.

The first drop-down notification bar, click on one you do not want to see spam and hold for about 1 second, the application will pop up a message box, select "Disable all notifications for this application push" button after the update information like this will no longer appear in the notification bar. Of course, you can also enter the " notification bar setting " interface, all applications on the system's overall management of a push message, pre-configured, all subsequent management push messages so much easier.

Enter ThL T3 notification bar settings interface, you can also free to check whether the phone is displayed on the notification bar message flow and speed, allowing you to more accurately known flow usage. If the small partners want to lock screen mode directly view the message on the notification bar to remind, ThL T3 phone can do. A key to open the "Allow lock screen down " operation, when a message alert, you do not unlock you can easily view, efficient and convenient.

Through the above notification bar on ThL T3 related presentations, I believe that friends should be able to understand why Jelly Bean system to obtain the favor of many users. If you want to know more about ThL T3 and THL other phones, such as ThL W8S, THL W100 and THL W300 jelly beans and other mobile phone features convenient operation of the system, it may enter THL official forum for the exchange area, together with more users sharing.

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