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THL T11 5 Inch Gorilla Glass3 eight core mobile phone exposure

Posted Mar 22 2014 5:52am

Intelligent mobile phone market competition is very fierce, reduce the price clearly does not apply to each manufacturer, especially in the big brands involved in the case, out of their differentiation way for small and medium-sized firms are obviously more suitable. Such as ThL mobile phone stick towards creating better mobile phone this goal, and now the official release of THL T11 is THL a summary of previous products, not only has the high-end configuration, process, design better integrated into products, supplemented by clean and easy to use system, coupled with the appropriate price THL T11, by the vast number of consumers.

A good product by the user is not just low price and parameters, good, practical ability is the core. THL T11 continues the design concept of THL T100S mobile phone, from the inside to the outside has been adjusted several times, until the final version, T11 internal use of the module of ultra-thin one alloy frame and custom, ensure durable and practical, by adjusting the internal structure of the reduced thickness, and adopts the advanced LDS antenna the process, which is one of the reasons for the thickness of only 8.8 mm thin.

"Minimalism" is also reflected in the appearance, THL T11 and THL T200C is a straight circular rectangular fuselage common, but the application of the asymmetric design, the whole looks very coordinated, the edges of the arc be just perfect, the size is 144.2 x 70.4 x 8.8mm. The ceramic surface texture design, do no plastic guarantee comfortable handle, a zinc magnesium alloy frame to provide protection, still breathing body smart lamp decorated.

With this new machine, you should first contact to or hardware specifications, as a game player design of intelligent mobile phone, the parameter THL T11 domestic version is the mainstream, but also in the expansion do more in place, with the sensor and the popular rich function support.

THL T11 and ThL W200 with 1.7GHz frequency of MT6592 eight core processors and 2GB memory operation combined with security properties, and 5 inch 1080P screen resolution LG, surface coating and anti fingerprint. Take part in higher standard, 500W pixels back illuminated type front camera, the camera is 800W pixels, with an aperture of f/2.2 and 1.4 μ m photosensitive area. The first will have 16G and 32G two store version, 64G version or subsequent launch of large capacity

The game control sensor were most concerned about the quality of products, recently seemed not stingy, T11 built-in electronic compass, gyro sensor, the other can support NFC, OTG and WIFI-DISPLAY function, support for dual wheat denoising and W+G dual card dual standby, and support 5G WIFI.

For ordinary users, the definition of a good mobile phone only two words can explain, that is "practical utility", is nothing more than buy value matching products people can accept the price. THL T11 will be a very good appearance, configuration and price aspects are balanced, not only have a fever level configuration, the utility is taken into account, the price is also close to the ordinary user, despite the need to panic buying of 1000 yuan eight core products do not talk, THL T11 called the recent concern of the eight core mobile phone one of the. For more detailed information please pay attention to the web site.

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