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THL T100 screen scratch-resistant and drop resistance compressive test

Posted Dec 28 2013 5:34am

Corning Gorilla glass has high strength, super scratch-resistant capability and other features, now more and more cell phones and mobile devices are beginning to screen using the glass panels. Thl Mobile recently introduced a popular bursting eight-core flagship THL T100 is a very strong performance of high-end products scratch drop resistance, which uses a third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, and add a unique hardening process for secondary reinforcement, screen extremely hard, detailed analysis of the characteristics THL T100 screen below.

THL T100 using third-generation Gorilla Glass (GorillaGlass3), is the United States Corning production of environmentally friendly aluminum-silicon glass, it is a kind of plexiglass, often used on helicopters. ThL W8S compared to four nuclear phone, THL T100 used to adjust the third generation gorilla glass chemical structure and atomic composition, thereby increasing the density of the raw material, its flexibility is much stronger than ordinary glass.

Under pressure, it can not generate a strain easily broken when subjected to impact the screen, it can absorb external impact force to prevent the LCD screen and broken glass itself, so that it has superior scratch resistance and dent tracking capabilities. Corning steel balls will be placed on the glass panel of the stress tests, under strong pressure to produce a certain gorilla glass bending but did not break signs, tenacity strong, and this is the third generation of Gorilla glass THL T100 one another and the upcoming eight-core phone THL T200 possess characteristics.

The third-generation Gorilla Glass panel only compression capability, itself also joined Corning's unique " native Loss Prevention " (NativeDamageResistance, hereinafter referred to as NDR) technology to enhance the strength of the material at the molecular level, can delay or even prevent the existing damage further. NDR rely on technology, it has a stronger anti-damage ability, scratches are more visible of the former reduced by 40 %. Even after the damage, the subsequent strength of this glass is also larger than the previous generation increased by 50%. This also shows that the use of third-generation Corning Gorilla glass THL T100, which also has a strong ability to drop resistance scratch, durable, use a sharp knife that is virtually scratch test, nor leave scratches on the screen.

Other than the use of third-generation Corning Gorilla glass phone is, THL T100 also joined in the screen strengthen its own unique technology. In the production process, one for each secondary gorilla glass, reinforced with high-precision machine carefully polished glass edges so that the screen is more robust impact, scratch and more powerful, it has become THL T100 different from the THL W100S quad-core phone is a major bright spot.

Today, consumers are increasingly important to protect the touch screen, especially with the development of increasingly large-screen LCD screen intensity will be reduced, and therefore must have a high strength glass to ride escort for the LCD screen savers. As THL T100, not only with the third generation of Corning Gorilla Glass, but also to strengthen the process of adding a unique secondary reinforcement, compression performance and strong screen Fangshuai scratch out a hundred times more than ordinary mobile phones, this is acclaimed THL T100 important reason.

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