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This has enabled us

Posted Sep 28 2013 6:44am

 Thanks to the comforts of a warm bed and a hearty meal, players who rest or log out at an Inn will accumulate rest credit four times faster than players logged off outside of an Inn or City. Players who log out anywhere else in the world will earn rest credit four times slower. Note that while your character is resting at an Inn, you can play other characters on your account. The Rest State is per character only. Players have the ability to rest anywhere in the world.



This helps players who forget or choose not to log off at an Inn. Resting at an Inn is still the preferred method, as rest credit will accumulate four times faster for players logged off inside of an Inn. There is no penalty for leaving an Inn early. You are constantly accumulating bonus experience while in an Inn or City. If you leave and come back, the only time lost is the time you were outside. Most players will be in the Normal experience tier most of the time. The Rested tier is primarily intended for players that take a day or more off from playing or are very casual with their play schedules.



This has enabled us to greatly reduce the experience necessary for all players to level regardless of which rest state tier they play under.Enter the City to Resthen visiting one of the six main cities (Darnassus, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff and The Undercity), players do not need to check into the Inn to rest. Players will however still need to seek an Innkeeper to receive a Hearthstone or to bind themselves to the city. You will still need to rest at an Inn in smaller towns. Players can rest or log out at any Inn in the world. [No Vacancy] Inns are located in all major cities and some towns

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