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This forced Blizzard to fix hosting server

Posted Jun 10 2013 2:05am
In May last season when Diablo 3 Released just a few weeks, South Korea and other European countries gamers sue blizzard for the too slow action hosting server to can not perform properly. This forced Blizzard to fix hosting server issues or believe the fact with the gamers to come back the encounter he bought.The seriousness of the problemFor the problem itself, another gamer raised his worried about not to recreate information, he believes that Blizzard is creating a big mistake, because many hackers transfer their copy Diablo 3 Gold to other accounts, and some even have bought Thousands of precious stones, and then use re-trafficking for cash laundering, which would allow Blizzard administrators impossible to track.

Show you how to sweep Murlocket in 10 moments Diablo3 BBS gamers Alabataille Murlocket rate of sweep information, this necklace can be in any issues landed, different issues stage determines the different product. Items from the second situation a unusual top stage crescent worry of sharks, a drop in the sewer, because the map is relatively set, so you need just a little bit of patience and fortune.A2 on any procedure in Diablo3, provided that has the card dean the sewer of the portal, and then in the sewers for a purple name unusual known as crescent, worry of sharks, he hid in a indestructible dump, and this will only appear in a dump on the higher right corner, so the figure out right on the range.

 Modify information about beast encounter and product drop amount 1.08 identify update record known that aspect of the Diablo 3 monster's encounter and the drop amount were customized. Today Blizzard team administrator declared information of the modification, and the information , damage these creatures encounter and items’ drop amount is to keep the balance between the Diablo 3 landscape.These changes is to be able to keep balance of the issues of the beast and the prizes they provide.
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