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This brings us to another important thing you can use your neighbors for

Posted Feb 06 2013 6:27am
These are other people  that also play of GW2 Cd key FrontierVille who you either invite to be your neighbor or they invite you. Once a neighbor request has been sent and accepted you can visit each other's frontiers and help each other out in many ways. As always, when helping your neighbors you are also getting a nice benefit. The simple act of visiting someone else's frontier will get you experience, cloth and energy up to a daily limit. This daily limit is increased the higher your heart level is which goes up from doing things on your neighbor's frontiers!A few common things you can do on your neighbor's frontier is 'fertilizing' their crops which will make them mature faster, 'grooming' their animals so they will be ready faster to feed again.

You can also harvest crops and animals for your neighbors. Doing something like harvesting your neighbors crops is a huge help to both players because you get 'heart XP', food, items to complete collections and many other things. Your neighbor, when he or she logs into their frontier, can accept your help and your actions will be performed on their frontier without using any of their own energy. They will also get all the XP and food items they would have gotten for harvesting themselves. If you've ever played FrontierVille you know that completing tasks without using your own energy is critical to success!This brings us to another important thing you can use your neighbors for.

You can 'hire' neighbors for 50 coins and have them perform a few tasks on your frontier! This uses none of your energy so it's a great way to clear out some trees or other debris on your frontier. Once you hire your neighbor you have the option to send them an item as a thank you for their work on your frontier! You can only hire 2 neighbors per day, this can be bumped up to three per day by completing a specific 'school house assignment'. I highly recommend completing this assignment and hiring three neighbors of Diablo 3 Items per day
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