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The weight of life

Posted Jan 12 2013 2:59am
The weight of life When 80 don't want to grow up, after 90 have been eager to enter the adult world. Tang Yu a day to catch the post-80, because the identity on January 1, 1990 this line, in front of due diligence of the bouncer threw him out of the door. Look at that group of evil associates have been in, Tang Yu had annoyed home, big house is empty, even the nanny didn't know where to go, this makes Tang Yu even more infuriated, he saw the entrance of the car keys, took leave to the garage to her father's BMW had to go for a ride. One bad luck even when the water is choked to death, Tang Yu " driving without a license " by patrolling police caught him red-handed. When Tang dad angry police lead time, be in the right and self-confident Tang Yu also said: " Those who now usually on police today who so hard? " Back home, Tang Dad was ready to give the disobedient son takes a lesson when, was extremely loved son Tang mother stopped. "Don't stop me. I had to learn this asshole! " Thought of Tang Yu small age began skipping school, playing games, smoking, fighting and so on, clubbing, Tang Dad was almost to jump up. " The Son also to me, if you dare to play he hit me first! " Old Son mother never come down to Tang Yupeng in his hand are afraid of falling. It will let his son be a little bit of pain. " Then you put down, is not afraid of him from smoking into drug addiction, from driving car racing changed? " Tang Baba is also very painful this only child, but, he watched the Tang Yu Day China a thug direction, the heart is more painful. Tang Yu was like watching a boring show looking at parental grief, finally feel boring, simply himself to go outside, ready to find another fan. Where are you heading? You come back to me! If you dare to go out today, will never come back! " Tang died clutching his chest, looking at Tang Yu's disappeared at the door, felt sad, almost fainted. Tang Yu called him several friends, not the bar is on a date. He simply drilling a little roadside bar, there can be ugg boots on sale no one to check with ID. Stuffy and drank much wine Xiadu. Tang Yu felt a little dizzy, begin to go, not go long fainted. Don't know how, Tang Yu open dry eyes looked around, a severe headache that he can barely think, then the only reason told him there was a very strange and unfamiliar place. The room dark and small, no windows, light can only through the walls on top of the vent as local radio in, chaos everywhere, and the air was distributed with an indescribable odor. Tang Yu hates to open the quilt, found that even the shoes for their feet. He sat up, shook the mouth pain, dry mouth specially wanted a drink, but he still felt should leave this place. When he went to the outer room when it was discovered that, own wallet, keys, all items are not, seems to be cleaned us out, even the plants are pulled open. A cold air into his untidy clothes, also let him suddenly awakened. The outer door is locked gates, dead. Tang Yu tried to beat and shouting, but only came empty echo, finally tired of lying on the ground. At the time, a few people back, Tang Yu could climb up, be tie one's hands behind his back up. Just listen to the one actually said: " the old block you too blind to it, and ducks are not divided! " Another middle-aged man he laugh a few times, in the dark to light a cigarette, he said. " Now the female baby does not have dressed up as such, you see him playing pierced ears nose hole, ghost knows chicken duck! " "Well, duck also can sell at a premium. Today linked to the buyer! " It was the last entered the room, he would shut the gates, that there was a little moon house became all of a sudden stretch his hand not to see the five sub. Finally someone turned on the lights. Tang Yu that sees this group of people's faces, but his mouth was crammed into the dirty cloth, no sound, only eyes incredible listened to all this. This group of people took Tang Yu back to the small room, played the cards will also sleep. Tang Yu can't can't sleep, he already alarmed some at a loss, he is listening to my own heart beat faster, had become increasingly chaotic, called a feeling of despair first in the bottom of my heart. The very next day Tang Yu was overshadowed by the eye. Push pull towing away a bumpy road, is thrown from a car. The car has a rough ride, which makes Tang Yu's stomach and his messy thoughts Fanyong together, as he tears when, the car was made a loud sound, seem to be and what he, and then Tang Yu got thrown out. Lucky this time visiting Tang Yu, he UGG boots sale dumped in a pond, tied to a rope had the loose sign. He quickly get rid of the rope, remove the eyes see sunshine cloth, in the moment, he almost cries out. The board day seems to be a sharp turn and the front of the stone hit it. All the people in the car were broken seven halos eight, temporarily not Huanguo God. Tang Yu hurried up from the pond, a road heading in the opposite direction. Do not know how long to run behind him, no one would come in. Tang Yucai sneak into an abandoned house, hiding in the corner part. This time Tang Yu has regained his senses, but hungry he is badly in need of food, dry lips and throat are eager for hot water. Breath, he began to observe the surrounding environment, the eye is almost let him down, the eye can reach in addition to don't have a family, but fortunately the crops. Tang Yu think, what crops would be someone, he in the edge of the field a little slobber, he began the road up, in short, to find the family, and then call dad to pick their own right. Tang Yu knocks on the door a few households, all but wary avoid not as good as the first time the door was locked. He looked down at her, only to find their own clothes were hanging bar but also a mood, was cool half long hair this time like a pile of mixed haystack in the head, was also distributed with an odor. Tang Yu thinks. Oneself is mostly seen as a madman! Seeing days gradually will be black, but Tang Yu didn't know where to go, the road is not even village, no signpost stuff. Tang Yu plucked up the courage to open the next door. The door was opened by an and Tang Yu almost big boy, he looked at the dirty Tang Yu, asked: " Who are you looking for? " Tang Yu like to see help star as excited at the front of a boy, almost want to call him brother. " That, to me, can i borrow you here for one night? I, I, I lost my way! " " Oh, come on in! " The boy put Tang Yu into the door, at the house and shouted: " Father, a brother lost, at home to stay the night! " The house came the laughter. " Let him come in! " The house is very simple, only sample a few rough furniture. Tang Yu saw a middle-aged man in a wheelchair. The legs of the trousers empty. Tang Yu hesitated, or polite cried uncle. " The child, who likes this! Go and wash them! " It commanded the boy with clean clothes. " The dog, gets clean clothes to his brother for a change! " Uncle Tang Yu heard the call boy. He couldn't resist laughing. "How can such a name? " Uncle sighed, said, " Your name is a good raise, child life, a basename to turn luck! " Tang Yushu comfortably had a bath, and have a good meal, finally remembered to call home. Hold the phone, Tang Yu is depressed, the usual telephone numbers are written in the mobile phone, he had but one can't remember. Do not know how Tang Yu although tired, but can't sleep at all, simple and the dog was chatting. " The dog Oh, you read the first few? " " I, I Don't want to read! " " Ah? " " My dad couldn't work in the previous year, mom doesn't want us, if i go to school, home to no one. " " It is not come to school! " " Our village school teacher is gone, do not go on UGG boots cheap to junior high school, then to town to, too far. " Silent a moment later, the dog began to say, " brother, what grade is you now? " " My high school. " " Brother, can you teach me a few questions? I have read the second day, now studying at home on the third book, but I have some problem cannot compose! " " Can you! Well, you don't want to read? Why Study? " " Because I want the university entrance exam, and then specifically do prostheses, let daddy can stand up again! People on television installed prosthesis can also run! " " That is TV! Television is a lie! " " But that is the Olympic Games! " " What you say is the Paralympic Game? " " Well. " As chat, Tang Yu mood gradually relaxed, soon fell asleep, the very next day wake up is the sun is three poles high. Ge Er excited holding books came to Tang Yu, eagerly waiting for Tang Yu meal. Tang Yu is confident the pick up a book. Look for a long time, they find themselves seem to be nothing, he grabbed a long hair, or lets them down. Tang Yu had to give the dog told many things in the city, what oersted of number Ah, what new concept English ah, anyway, in an attempt to balance their same psychology. Tang Yu began to think the way home, he asked the dog the address here, even a hundred kilometers away, couldn't recall the phone number he is penniless. Ge Er's father is secretly plug for hundreds of dollars to Gou Er. Gou Er sent Tang Yu back to town, where can i find the bus to the city. Tang Yu looked at the dog sparkling eyes, and the dog that is like the sunshine smile, and the dog on the father's face with a smile, lets his heart out of strands of heat flow. The bus took him back to the familiar with the city, while the family was one moment's strange. Just a few days, the old father unexpectedly already grey-haired, but the mother is worn an emaciated, dried-up appearance. They watched the whole Tang Yu, a try to rush over, a dark, checked himself. " come back, come back! " When Tang Yu put the phone card do come back, the group of evil associates for his missing seems unaware of it, when Tang Yu lied about his father 's company went bankrupt, the obvious alienation to let him feel scared, he put their numbers are completely removed. But Tang Yu still felt very good, because he met a friend, a dog! He gave the dog a lot of books. There is food, clothing and so on. He began to seriously study, because, he will give the dog carefully, he learned the good, teach the dog! Do not find the ideal he, to help achieve the desired good dog! " Father and mother to Tang Yu Tang change are joy and wonder, repeatedly questioned. Tang Yu finally brings his experience to tell parents. Then they go to the police station to kc6oen2d report to the police. This case was soon detected. Tang Yu felt that after the baptism of life, he learned the most, is to let oneself understand, love, true friendship, there are dreams, is the most important things in life!
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