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the their UGG Metallic Classic Short body

Posted Nov 03 2012 6:41am
Luo Feng just a little press move a left bottom side button, and assistance only the brain toward himself/herself, immediately lend support to light the brain surface presented a writing 10"war capability:Spirit**dint(apprentice nine ranks) gene original ability(apprentice nine ranks)""what call apprentice nine ranks?"Luo Feng sees toward the baldheaded crystal person."Your identity is already a Yun Mo star person, there is legal power knowing these messages.Was born numerous lives is among the "the baldheaded crystal person says" extensive and infinite cosmos.Among UGG Mocha Tall Boots 5163 them the life of most amount, all of the real strenght BE'apprentice class"so-called apprentice class, using your Earth person's parlance is out of the run and common public."Luo year Leng.Common public are they on the whole out of the run?Common public's 1?"The apprentice class is totally divided into nine ranks, one rank is lowest, and nine ranks are the tallest.One rank is equal to you so-called entry-level warrior, nine ranks are Gao Deng Zhan's absolute being."Baldheaded crystal person a smile" you avoid the strongest of planet'the Hong', He had to once arrive some ancient civilization science and technology tradition.So he knows and is divided into nine classes and estimate that he thinks these nine classes are too unpleasant to hear, just say'warrior, war will, the war absolute being"but don't know in the boundless cosmos, this layer knows together as' learn* " Luo the year deeply take a suck at spirit."Apprentice class on, is a planet class!Can attain planet class, just entitle to be called'the gene Wu Zhe's''Spirit**teacher"have never been late planet class, Be just apprentice, not qualified be called gene Wu Zhe, spirit**teacher."Baldheaded crystal person's this sentence, let Luo Feng heart in a burst of have no language.Oneself declares invincible war absolute being, unexpectedly all not qualified become spirit**teacher."The planet class is also divided into nine ranks!""You more fight divine existence on the earth, is a planet class Wu Zhe!"The baldheaded crystal person says.Luo Feng suddenly, originally Gao Gao are strong planet classeses at all of the councilmen of top."Become planet class Wu Zhe, in the cosmos among the divagation, eat satisfied belly at least all right, there is the root to have a foothold."Baldheaded crystal person a smile" however your the Earth has no that etc. science and technology and lets you gets into cosmos divagation.""Real strenght?"Luo Feng connects to ask a way" their real strenght how strong?"Luo Feng is more very curious, fight divine existence on the earth, there is also Hong, the thunder absolute being is much strong."Their war capability, all of great majorities UGG Metallic Classic Tall are planets are one rank, the minority are planets two ranks!Have two planet classes three ranks among them.The strongest of"the baldheaded crystal person says"'Hong, it is six ranks to is a planet class, but'thunder absolute being, it is seven ranks to is a planet class.Their 2 people is aer lot of than others strong.The Luo year is one Zheng.The Hong is a planet class is six ranks?The thunder absolute being is on the contrary a planet class is seven ranks?"Not to, the Hong should be stronger than thunder absolute being."Luo Feng cannots help but a way."I say of the Class is all that the their UGG Metallic Classic Short body, gene is original ability and spirit**dint.War fighting strength rather than.The body character, gene original ability of "the baldheaded crystal person says" Hong really compares thunder absolute being to differ a to raise.However real fighting strength, don't say the body, gene is original to is strong and then musts be strong., Is feel like you!"The baldheaded crystal person looking at Luo Feng"your spirit**the dint grade is an apprentice nine ranks!But, your flap is 1600%!Your radicle is solid original to is an apprentice is nine ranks, flapping is 3500%."Present Luo Feng can already control 16 handle razor blades to flick the strongest fighting strength of at the same time now."The same apprentice is nine ranks, flap 200% with flap a 1 o doubly similar?"The baldheaded crystal person looking at one earthquake in the Luo Luo's Feng heart.Assistance light brain test of Be just body foundation, oneself just- come time, spirit**the dint can control 6 fly knife, can control now 16, the real strenght differs biggest, can test but is an exactly alike apprentice is nine ranks."The apprentice dsdhffjhsdkjh is nine ranks, flap 1600%.""The equal to planet class is one class, flap 400%."The baldheaded crystal person says" general planet class Wu Zhe, dint's exploding can attain 3400%.So say your fighting strength for now, should match in excellence general of'the planet class is one class, .Is also that you so-calledly and more fight divine existence!"The baldheaded crystal person points to in front to suspend of be suffused with the Mi book of starlight:"However, you still have a set of secret escape a sky that control a teacher attack, this set of escaping a sky is to control exclusive weapon of teacher'escape Que' in a skyOf operation method.
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