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The rich countries, is also the most poor countries

Posted Apr 15 2012 8:32am

Money does not bring riches, wealth is efficient investment, transparent and respected systems, and keep pace with the steps of wisdom.


At the beginning of the development of the market, the choice of the elite, and public understanding degree, is a country the key turning point. There are two opposite example, can be made to the faint Gui elite and closed popular culture is how they are the cause, let the country lose important turning point opportunities.


I recently in see financial historian Bernstein "gold brief history", which puts forward the important problem of 16 century is full of gold and silver Spanish, why lost capitalism began stage is the most important opportunity of development. The 16 th century, shipped to the Spanish gold mountains, peak in the middle of the century 16, 1610 years later, the gold input of decreasing rapidly. And the silver in 1600 to depreciation, and after 1630 slump. Specifically, from 1520, from the indians lue of a large American gold to Spain in 1530, found that Peru gold mine, 1550 find a lot of silver, to the port of seville gold and silver 1590 peak, after 30 years, gold and silver inputs continue to remain high, 1620 until the end of the century, input of the fallen sharply.

Although Spain lucky enough to be gold and silver Windows, but they can't make the best use of the wealth, is still closed old empire. In 1492, the voyage of Columbus, is in the same year, Spain began to drive the jews and muslims. Medieval Muslim is global businessman traveled, and the jews traveled across Europe. For before the wealth, the Spanish in the mentality of the narrow driven stripped of their business and knowledge soil. In cadiz, marcus Aurelius 16 century Spain main economic true center, instead Genoa businessmen and bankers, Germany moneylenders, the Netherlands manufacturers, as well as from all kinds of Europe's goods and services, financial suppliers, and even to France for Brittany people from northern Europe, a coastal areas people's trail. The 16 th century, Spain's large debts, are provided by foreigners. These people don't have to responsible for Spain, could not deep into the local business and trade Spain with manufacturing soil.


The Spanish in wealth confidence before inflation, wantonly consumption, choke production enthusiasm, five 6 of the colony to produce from other countries goods. Late 16 th, Spain's parliament declared: "the golden input, the more the Spanish kingdom get more little. Our country is only (gold and silver) inflows to and we hostile the sovereign state of a bridge. 1550 years of widespread sentence is:" Spain is the foreigner eyes India. "High-end, delicate and strange consumer goods, become fashionable mark.

Congress did not make any warning work, in order to meet the ambition of the monarch, gold and silver were all spend. At the time, the Spanish king Charles v unforgettable patriarch glory, oath for the crown of the holy Roman empire, so of France and Francis I played off and on 27 years battle, let the full of gold and silver kingdom is on the verge of bankruptcy, owe FuLuoLin 850000 giant debt (originated from fiorentina, weighing about 3.5 grams left and right sides of the gold, is most of the European monetary prototype). Charles v. lending depends on the German AoGeSiBao engaged in banking fogg's family, and Francis I rely on Genoa bankers, financial crisis sapped fogg's family.


Spanish noble elite faint Gui no limits, Charles v, the son of Philip ii, in order to fight for the virtuous orchid, the world into and Holland, Belgium for as long as 80 years of war,


This is a rich country, is an extremely poor country. This is a country with gold and silver, but won't let the gold and silver into the capital of the country. Charles v. under 40 years, foreign debt as high as 37 million dhaka gold, than this period from America to the port of seville all precious metals aggregation is worth 2 million dhaka gold, and Philip ii of Spain is let completely bankrupt. In 1572, a year, the virtuous orchid war spending 14.4 million FuLuoLin gold, Spain in 1572 and 1573 to take out only 7.2 million. By July of 1576, Philip ii billed army 17.5 million FuLuoLin, mercenaries escape, debt mountain, can only debt, and 1596, 1607, 1629, 1647, the Spanish appear constantly financial crisis.

And at a time when other countries doing? British "sheep eat people" into the capital primary stage of socialism, the European trade developed, Lyon, holding a four commodities fair, the trade fair in leipzig, Germany, today was born out of. For the convenience of trading, draft extends in all directions, and Spain's monetary without any reform, just like a European landlocked country. When businessmen around Spain, from eastern France, from Italy, Greece into the Mediterranean, when America dry up and the silver and the gold, the rapid decline in the country,


The author once described once rich, immigration, many are natural dotes on Argentina.


Some noble estate behind closed doors, in South America continued to be elegant European life, to eliminate the common immigrants become one of the order. Argentina immigration, but naturalization, love Argentina immigration less. Argentina's peerage and ranchers culture has never let any one of the new immigrants really have a Argentina dream, and the United States let all of the immigrants have the American dream, whether west become farmer, or engaged in handicraft or financial industry, in the wealth the opportunity before everyone has relatively fair opportunity. When Argentina trying to develop industry, they use is a mercantile closed development policy, and the world apart.

Spain's fall to the curse of gold and silver, and Argentina is the curse of the resources. Two countries, after 400 years, we see the same conservative, the same shortsighted noble elite, the same unfair let ordinary people lose dream system.


Spain, Argentina the powerful economic path so, other bigwigs economies and good where to go?

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