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The pricing of a Renato watch ranges from affordable to ultra-luxury

Posted Sep 18 2012 3:14am

Indeed, prime time television shows are the perfect way o capturing your target audience in one hit and therefore Seksy has been featured on shows such as the X Factor and has also sponsored the advertising breaks to draw in consumers, sometimes without them even realising. It also helps when your products are spotted on the most beautiful of girls which is why Seksy probably chose girl band Girls Aloud as the brand ambassadors. The girls can often be seen sporting the latest Seksy watches and with the strategic use of product placement, this of course is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and portray an image that every girl can replica watches also relate and aspire to.

By maintaining a commitment to elite status through their diamonds, 316L Stainless steel, Sapphire Crystal and Swiss-made movements, Renato sets the bar replica cartier watches high in a market that had become flooded with decoys of other houses' products. The diamond line produced by Renato contains a range of settings for its stones, from subtle groupings behind small chronographs to large faces of high quality diamonds that emanate light behind the hands.

The pricing of a Renato watch ranges from affordable to ultra-luxury, but stands apart from other high-end watch designers by offering something different and unique at what averages out to a lesser price point. The quality fake watches of materials and exclusive contract with ShopNBC enables the brand to retain a high demand from collectors. There is currently far more demand for Renato watches than the maker is able to honor.


Dolce & Gabbana is a company started by two Italian designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Little did they know that they would go on to develop the global brand of D&G watches, clothes, sunglasses and more. The couple opened their first D & G Studio in 1982 in Milan, Italy. The studio struggled until the two designers decided to go to the Milano Colleziono Fashion show in October of 1985. The designers were seen as having potential and as rising new designers. With that encouragement, the pair worked on their first collection and released it one year later and called it "real woman".


Although they are still considered as being young to the fashion industry, the designers have made a fortune with their fashion house of Dolce & Gabbana. One of their drawing cards is their high profile clients like Madonna. Dolce and Gabbana designed one of Madonna's wardrobes that she wore on one of her world tours.

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