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The main color of spring and summer favorite matte finish series purses

Posted Jan 23 2013 8:09am

The main color of spring and summer favorite matte finish series purses

To love the water drying, Fenfen lovable! Pink pink feeling is really Chunxindangyang excite smart to believe you

Pink nude color is the main color in the spring and summer of this year, so skim past dull dull hue with friends and family with your sister

Sister to wardrobe big shake! Covered with a  isabel marant shoes
patchwork of scaly PU, as if the beautiful mermaid scales, with braided style shoulder strap

Add to the idyllic atmosphere of the bag, dream and design sense shape makes it memorable, at first glance people think different

Package shall Super reflect MM temperament it! Package surface stripes splicing process reveals leisure taste looming butterfly pattern

Faint, as if recounting spring, full of vitality breath. The absolute leisure Drawstring design, intimate pocket

Cikou protection cortex the zippers car line embellishment, handsome casual bucket shape, the most popular this year are the most fashionable elements! Butterfly

Butterfly knot, a woman always like these sweet gadgets,  isabel marant boots
lovely and lively elements, petite appearance, noble yet pretty

Leather! Which the girls could not withstand their charm! Spherical metallic the mouth gold buttons, a sweet metal crown accessories, exquisitely

Chain shoulder strap, cannabis, with large butterfly with a perfect, lovely guru to help you immediately promoted to sweet! Classic arched thick crust package

Package, and another on the very elegant color, texture hardware fashion elements, with the use of layers of folds scattered sense of three-dimensional floral

Very place. So cute appearance, is to create the sweet ladies wind section of the package, but also fashionable girls indispensable

The shape of a single product Oh! Elegant ladies taste the soft texture of the leather package, minimalist design clean and not cumbersome, with bronze texture five

Extraordinary and elegant gold reflects the bag, the  balenciaga wallet
leather fabrics, delicate folds add to bag lady taste, beautiful and people love

Not release the hand! Simple and stylish cut design, perfect leather texture quality, the cocksure package surface lines, revealing a mature woman

Elegant and luxurious personality and temperament! Luxury of exquisite hardware, soft colors will not fade fine leather LOGO brand underscores bag

Induced taste, every detail done so exquisite extravagance, love at first sight! Childhood on her own shoulder bag has been lost

Abandoned the place I do not know? Memories of youth age, shoulder bag is so boring and heavy. Filled with textbooks, accumulate in the shoulders. To

Stay in its impression in the student years, while the streets of Japan, innovation fashionable MM regain their backpacks, the miraculous, so

Become fashionable shoulder bag wild. In addition to relive the good memories, but also to highlight the distinctive fashion sense. Gold red shoulder bag with the

Italy and casual, vibrant colors to bring a good mood  balenciaga outlet
all day. A pseudo student's dress, the beautiful youth. Scarves and bags benefit

Akira. Integration of fringe elements, adding a sense of fashion. Wardrobe Member cute little toffee Hello Kitty shoulder bag fashionable bubble

Face head, comfortable sweat pants and white casual shoes, a look that is a favorite casual feel the girls, plus a red shoulder bag

Into to the whole attired injected vitality, fashion inadvertently revealed. Elegant retro flavor to create elegant. Street

Wind show your personality, the simple the classic Wind stylish one hundred fashion with fit every fashion MM, minimalist retro flavor for self

Own dress adds a unique flavor. Holding a retro bags not just an individual's personality, but also a unique

Fashion, the most important is that no matter what you wear, you can feel a sense of confidence. Xiaobian recommend you take a look at package shall

It. Improved version of the Boston package shall streamline cut full three-dimensional, unique open design of the convenience of the UP! Build

The beautiful fashion princess taste is so easily and immediately have the ladies like elegant atmosphere! Classic doctor never faded in

Package design, both sides full of feel the beauty of the three-dimensional folding elegant taste. Short mention design gently against the wrist elegant full

, The unilateral long shoulder ride come a long adjustable strap, convenient shoulder or personality no problem! Front retains the same

Classic package shall own curve design, arc-inclusive very chic and cute, coupled with simple but dazzling golden day lock do

Sweetheart saddle bag decoration, this delightful, you must have! Fashion hot mom, actress Miranda - can children blue black

The Printed Dress piercing refreshing neighbor temperament, pale pink Prada Pyramid bag in hand very dissonant. Katie - Perry dressed in ice

Cream blue collarless coat inside foot yellow flame shoes wear pink pleated dress, holding a blue rivet Prada Pyramid bag. Zhan

Nyunt Swe - Jones was wearing a brown coat, inside take stripe Tee, costume with denim bell-bottoms, foot suede flat heels, holding a black

Color Prada Pyramid bag, star full range of children! Lao Mi guests - La Peisi, "Late Show with David", Blk Dnm red horn length

Skirt spike film, black girdle, black Liangpi Prada pyramid package and black high heels echoing, black with red

The most classic match. Elizabeth - Banks gray suit go handsome neutral wind, with exaggerated statement necklace

Red pencil pants and blue and white mosaic Prada pyramid package through the streets, a good mood!

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