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The Layout of Combination Crusher

Posted Mar 22 2013 6:01am

The hammer crusher consists of hammer, rotor, grate bars sieve, the inner wall of the liner, rack, etc. Materials put into the crusher are crushed by the high-speed rotary hammer. At the same time, materials get kinetic energy from the hammer, and then rush to the crushing plate at a high speed to finish the second crushing process. Small sized particle will be discharged from the grizzly, while large sized materials have to get the impact, grinding, Cost of Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher in india milling and crushing again. Qualified granularity will be finally discharged through grate Article sieve. The impact crusher consists of the counter plate, pads, and rotor; it will impact materials repeatedly. At the same time, the materials collide with each other and get broken. The vertical shaft impact crusher is constructed by the body, spindle, rotor, lining, material inlet and outlet composition.銆€

Materials go into the first crushing chamber, stricken by the hammer of the high-speed rotary rotor plate. Materials with kinetic energy are thrown onto the feed block to have further crushing. Materials go into the cavity for the first time broken, and in the second crushing chamber for the second crushing by the extrusion of the second rotor. Materials will be crushed when the impact force finally larger than their compression force. Combination crusher is a new type of crushing machine with high efficiency, stone crushing plant with capacity 200 to 250 tph because it combines all the three crushers’ advantages. The combination crusher is composed of three main parts: (1) mechanical transmission part (2) impact crushing part (3) hammer crushing part. The latter two parts play the major roles, and the first part is used to transfer necessary energy. The combination crusher is made up of cylinder, rotor, machine attachments, and the base part of the cylinder. The boy of the crusher is constructed by the cabinet, doors, partitions, and counter plate.銆€銆€

The moving state of crushing media in the crushers is divided into two parts: one rotating in the body of the cylinder, and the second moving in the state of drop. The former form of crush is grinding, Rock Crusher Equipment and Belt Conveyor india while the latter is impacting. Materials are broken after the grinding and crushing effect. The crushing parts of combination crusher include hammering part and impacting part. Materials will be crushed because the combination of those crushing parts.

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